Children & Youth

CF0976 – Creative Support Volunteer

Leher aims to develop a local community engagement program that prevents children from being abused or exploited.

They are looking for experienced volunteers who can assist them with their newsletters, blog posts and overall creative support.

July 2018 - August, 2018

10 hours/week



Children & Youth

CF0947 – Creative Support Volunteer

Kutumba Foundation believes that the best way to contribute is by ensuring that those children, who are less fortunate than the rest, have the basic right to education, that will help them grow as individuals and give them the opportunity to make a difference in the society. Our focus lies in nurturing their minds to promote personality development. As personality development is defined as a process of developing and enhancing one’s personality & it helps an individual to gain confidence and to build high self-esteem.

They are looking for volunteers who are experienced in Graphic Design and Communications to help the NGO with their overall social media, designing creatives and generating content for their website. Volunteers will be expected to gather insights on their current outreach strategy.

June 2018 - December, 2018

8 hours/week


Kutumba Foundation

Children & Youth

CF0852 – Mentoring Fellowship

This is a paid fellowship opportunity, with a monthly stipend to cover the cost of mentoring post 18 hours with your mentee.

The volunteers are needed to provide mentoring support to 2-3 high school students, in a structured manner, over a period of 10 months.

Mentor Fellows will be assigned 3 high school students selected for mentoring, through Mentor Together’s partners.

As a Mentor Fellow, you will meet your students for 60 hours over a 10 month period, individually. You will also have the chance to do small group work with your cohort of mentees. Fellow will be provided with curriculum to deliver life skills to the mentees, while also building a uniquely reciprocative and rewarding mentoring relationship.

Fellows shoud be graduate students of a discipline related to mentorship – for e.g. social work, psychology, development studies, and non-formal education are some eligible disciplines.

Volunteers should be a able to commit to delivering 60 hours of mentorship to each mentee, over a 10 month period during the school hours.

Volunteer should be a able to demonstrate high responsibility and reliability in the selection process, towards their mentoring commitment. They will be required to undergo a selection process followed by training, and orientation before commencing the mentorship.

A monthly stipend on Rs.2500 on completion of the mandated 18 mentoring hours (6 hrs per mentee & 3 mentees )

A certificate of recognition will be provided upon completion of the program.

June 2018 - March 2019

18 hours/month


Mentor Together

Children & Youth, Education & Literacy

CI01129-Full time internship

U & I is a organisation that believes in a holistic education model that can help a child develop as a well rounded individual.

U&I are looking for a full time intern to help with their curriculum. Main deliverables to be met are devleoping U&I curriculum for under-privileged children, Assessment development , Research & Development

February 2018 - May 2018

8 hours

Bengaluru, Cox Town

U&I Bengaluru