A Fun Morning for DBS — Interacting with Mann Beneficiaries

Last Thursday, 6th July, 2017, was not like any other Thursday at the DBS Mumbai office, the ConnectFor office or at Mann — a center for individuals with special needs. Since the past 3 months we, at ConnectFor, have been tirelessly working with the DBS team to ideate, plan and execute a one-day volunteering engagement for their employees. After hours of brainstorming, trying to find the best possible way to ensure that the DBS team of 75 people can make the most of their Thursday morning and add value to the lives of beneficiaries, our NGO partner Mann seemed to be the best fit for this engagement!

We have been working alongside Mann for almost 8 months now and have saved the organization Rs. 25,000 and 72 hours in value savings. Mann works with young adults with special needs and provides generalized as well as person-specific training to its students, to help prepare them for a more meaningful and independent life, helping them integrate into society.

We wanted to ensure that this one-day volunteering engagement would be a win-win for the NGO, its beneficiaries, and the DBS team. Taking this into account we carefully planned out each activity to ensure that the DBS volunteers could interact with the beneficiaries and the beneficiaries could use this as a platform to display their talents.

On the day of the event the DBS employees turned up to the event in large numbers, totalling to almost 80 volunteers. The CSR event coordinator from DBS stated that “this event had a milestone turn out!” The day kick-started with an induction and a tour by the NGO members to familiarize everyone who attended with the centre, their beneficiaries and the activities carried out throughout the year by the NGO.

Post the induction, the DBS employees made themselves comfortable and immediately started approaching the beneficiaries. To our surprise, the beneficiaries really took to the employees and were soon flaunting their talents and skills. As part of a fun and heart warming activity, the beneficiaries taught DBS volunteers how to decorate coasters and envelopes, which they would then use to raise funds. The ones who were fortunate enough to be taught product making by the beneficiaries, were engrossed in the activity and left the centre with a sense of satisfaction. They were also impressed to see how talented the individuals at the centre were.

Before we bid adieu to both Mann and DBS, Mann had a little surprise for the volunteers where the beneficiaries danced and the volunteers sang along. Those of us who attended, from ConnectFor, were so pleased to see that the volunteers were deeply touched and went home either feeling like they wanted to do something more or left the centre feeling like a changed person. This definitely made all our efforts and time spent on this engagement worthwhile and made us feel like we created a win-win situation for everyone involved!

— —

ConnectFor has recently started working with groups of volunteers, corporate organisations and small teams of people who want volunteer together to make a difference. We understand your needs and requirements and then plan out volunteering engagements for you with one of our 115 NGO partners. Please reach out to us for any CSR needs/requirements you may have.

To start your volunteering activity and spread smiles, sign up here: 🙂

Volunteers for Non-Profit

ConnectFor is an online platform that aims to connect different kinds of NGOs to volunteers of all ages. One of our goals is to facilitate volunteering so that it becomes a positive impact on the NGO and the volunteer. We analyze the NGOs and try to best serve their needs by working closely with them. If you have ever wondered how much of an impact you can really have with ConnectFor, imagine how vital those roles are to non-governmental organizations or NGOs. These organizations are specifically designed to work on helping people, animals, and our community as a whole. They support causes that are struggling. Because these are non-governmental organizations, they tend to have lower budgets than the organizations that do make money. This is where volunteers come in, by providing the labor and support they need.

Without the contributions of volunteers, many NGOs may not exist. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss how volunteers are an important asset to an NGO, and why they are needed to make the world a better place. Here are some reasons how volunteers support NGOs:

  • Cutting Down on Costs

Employees at NGOs work hard to ensure that much of their time is used in supporting that specific NGO. Most of the employees at NGOs accomplish their goals, but it’s the work of volunteers that allow them to dedicate even more of what they raise to the issue they are trying to solve. Volunteers cut costs for NGOs by donating their time to the organization. Instead of getting paid, volunteers gain valuable life experiences, knowledge, and interests in the different fields. They are able to have that satisfaction of doing work that contributes by making a positive change in the community.

  • Raising Awareness

You will be surprised to know how words can be just as powerful as work when it comes to fighting for the people and causes that need our help. When an NGO is trying to get an important message across, it then naturally becomes the responsibility of the volunteer to become an ally and start conversations like these through social media. One single click will allow a volunteer to post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, which will, in turn, inspire their family and friends to discuss the issues. In the 21st century, volunteers don’t necessarily need to travel across the globe to help NGOs spread the word about their cause. This can automatically happen in the touch of a button.

  • Innovative Ideas

Volunteers contribute to the NGO by offering their own insight, opinions, and ideas to help solve problems and produce results. When young adults see an issue right in front of their eyes, they take it upon themselves to come up with a solution. They include their family and friends who help them to come up with potential solutions. Whether a volunteer is helping to solve a problem within an organization, their ideas help strengthen and spread the work on NGOs around the world.

Volunteering is an incredibly valuable use of time, both for the non-governmental organization and the volunteer. NGOs receive that support they need to be effective. Additionally, they receive life experience and the opportunity of connecting with different cultures and people and making a difference. This is where ConnectFor comes in. ConnectFor doesn’t only provide this experience for the volunteer, we also benefit the NGO by giving them the opportunity to meet different volunteers. So, let ConnectFor be a part of your journey. Let us help you grow, whether it is as an NGO or as a volunteer.

YOUth Empowerment

YOUth Empowerment

From lemonade stand fundraisers to ideas that grow into global movements, young adults in various communities are discovering and owning their ability to take action that can change the world. Sometimes all it takes is a small idea to start something big. Creativity is in us all, starting at a young age. You have the talent and the imagination to think beyond what is known to be possible, and find unique solutions and ideas to solve the challenges we face.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few success stories (out of the hundreds) from Changemakers to show you how it’s done!

Neeraja Mehta

Neeraja was a volunteer at Kutumba Foundation. She mentioned that when she went to meet the children for the first time, she noticed “how excited and eager they were to learn something new”. This feeling on their face led her to believe that she had to be a part of their journey. During her time at Kutumba Foundation, Neeraja shares how “the children have taught me so much about life that no number of books or years spent in the four walls of a classroom can”. Besides her experience, Neeraja was also extremely satisfied with what the Foundation’s aim was. The Kutumba Foundation does not only focus on academics but also helps children develop a well-rounded personality.

Priyanka Raval

Priyanka: Interested in social media? Then, Priyanka can give you all the information you want! Priyanka is extremely fond of Instagram, and this platform has helped her become a food blogger. This love of Instagram gave her the opportunity to volunteer her time by managing an Instagram account for Aftertaste India. Priyanka and Aftertaste India agreed on a social media plan, that would not only allow the company to grow, but also give Priyanka a chance to learn. Priyanka was connected to Aftertaste India by ConnectFor. She states, “My experience was great. I learned about the struggles that different NGOs face, their motivation and more importantly the hope they have in their work. This opportunity was indeed a perfect one for me.”


Arya Kadakia

Arya: Ever since Arya has been introduced to ConnectFor at her school, he has been extremely impressed by the work put forward. He first contacted them in July for volunteering opportunities, and as a result, chose to work with an organization called Artscape. He states, “As soon as I walked into the Artscape office, I was overwhelmed by a sense of warmth, excitement, and zeal to work for the common good that immersed me into the world of expressive arts therapy.” At Artscape, Arya co-facilitated sessions wrote impact assessment reports and created content for programs, a few of the many responsibilities that helped him further her interest in Psychology. Arya believes in positive collaboration, something that he saw at Artscape. He mentions, “The atmosphere of mutual collaboration amongst the entire team, the opportunities to express our own ideas, and the independence to do a lot of important work by ourselves, really helped build my confidence in working with a myriad of psychology-related tasks as well as made the experience so much more unique and memorable.” Arya is extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity by ConnectFor!

Ankit Kumawat

Ankit: After volunteering at an animal shelter in Thane, Ankit realized that he could be doing more with his time. He could be doing something more meaningful. He contacted ConnectFor, where he was matched based on his skills and interests. ConnectFor connected Ankit to “The Healing Dove”, an NGO that helps juvenile children in and around the Mumbai area in their rehabilitation by education, training, therapy, etc. Ankit helps out by creating content and business development. He states, “so far, I have been working with them to build their organizational profile, grants proposals, documents, etc.”

Tanvi Nambiar 

Tanvi: Tanvi did her bit by volunteering as a storyteller, game simulator, and mentor. Tanvi was introduced to Toybank, an organization that believes children learn through play. She was connected to Toybank by ConnectFor, where her responsibilities included storytelling, simulating games to foster compassion and empathy and build on moral and social education. Currently, she attends play sessions. She states, “I enjoy being a child and I feel this offers a platform for implementing my pursuit of helping children being more resilient, empathetic and compassionate. Knowing the change one can bring about to lives on seeing the love and energy received while conducting these sessions acts as a direct motivation for me to actively participate.”


Even though all of these volunteers have completely different ideas of volunteering, they contributed to the community by making a positive impact. Making a contribution, at first sight, may not always be possible-it probably won’t. But, learning about those issues or roadblocks and just being informed will help in creating solutions that will have an impact on you. There are SO many ways one can make a difference in the community. Grab a friend, and/or a family member and do your part as the future generation!

Happy Volunteering!

ConnectFor Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

ConnectFor is where cause meets passion meets impact. We have been working in the integral space of corporate philanthropy, helping organizations fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements along with instilling the value of volunteerism among workforces. We partner with socially conscious organizations like DBS, Kamani Foods, MTC, Mahindra Susten, Duff & Phelps, etc to create impactful collaborations that provide support and create value for our stakeholders in the non-profit space.

Much to ConnectFor’s delight, positive feedback was received from 96% of corporate volunteers and the total value generated for the corporate sector was INR 13,03,300. We have curated these events across India in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, Chennai etc. Beneficiaries too reported positive outcomes and we have managed to touch lives of more than 1000 beneficiaries through our corporate engagement efforts to date.

We play the role of providing tailored solutions and programs to corporates, to enhance social value by touching the lives of beneficiaries and sensitizing corporate volunteers towards various chronic problems our country is facing. We identify credible NGO partners, assess the needs of the corporates, identify and evaluate implementation partners, ideate and execute employee engagement activities along with monitoring, reporting and evaluating impact.

The procedure is as follows:

  • We work with the corporate on ideation, planning, and execution of these events on a need basis, based on a brief provided by the corporate and organize a diverse range of one-day, one-time events to engage corporate employees by participating in relevant community service as well as to develop team skills for corporate groups.
  • These are conducted in association with different NGOs and cause areas (for example education & literacy, environment etc.) as per the request of the corporate.
  • Although the events are typically one-day engagements, longer engagements can be arranged based on a specific brief.
  • The nature of the event can be skill agnostic or designed including skill-building activities.
  • We ensure a seamless end to end experience for social engagement activities by using our expertise and experience in volunteer management and employee engagement. Using ConnectFor’s ever-growing network of NGO partners, the team will be able to ensure and conduct high impact planning and execution for a variety of activity briefs.

We have received very positive feedback on the execution and management of these engagements from our corporate clients.

So, if you are a Corporate looking for CSR solutions we are here. Contact us for more details!

email us — [email protected]

Or fill in this form and we will get in touch with you —

call us on — +91 79773 47851/ +91 89282 81214

Volunteer on Weekends with your Friends, Family or Colleagues!

Volunteer on Weekends with your Friends, Family or Colleagues!

“Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much!” – Helen Keller

There are so many proven benefits of volunteering, which include:

  1. Mental health benefits
  2. A sense of community
  3. Skill development and enhancement

While these benefits have been repeatedly proven and extolled, there are several more little-known ones, which tend to be more personal. An uncontested one though, is that volunteering is seen to be a great use of one’s time.

In today’s day and age, a lack of time, or 24 hours just not being enough is something we hear about frequently. People from all demographics are always pressed for time, and often unwilling to add something new to already crowded and busy lives. Despite the same, over 75% of people profess their desire to “make a difference.”

At ConnectFor, we think we’ve come up with a win-win solution for people to be able to achieve their goals without having to compromise on their time. We all have a certain time we set aside for social activities – to spend time with friends or acquaintances doing recreational things every now and then. We propose to make volunteering a recreational activity well suited for social groups!

ConnectFor has curated several weekend opportunities for volunteering that are specifically for groups – gather your friends, cousins, fellow do-gooders, and spend your friend time towards something with a cause! Whether you care about animals, children, or the environment, we have something scheduled to suit your interests! This is also the perfect opportunity to celebrate a special occasion in a memorable and impactful way – invite your friends and loved ones to participate with you, and make memories while making a difference! For more information about our group volunteering opportunities in Mumbai, and to get started by registering here –

3 Reasons to intern with an NGO

3 Reasons to intern with an NGO

You may think of your winter, or any other long break as the perfect time to relax, and travel. Trust me, I don’t disagree with you. All of those ideas pretty much make winter or any other long break the most wonderful time of the year. As a teacher getting six weeks off during the summer means a lot! Every year before school ends, I think about just kicking up my feet and relaxing. But, that never ends up happening because I always find myself applying for internships in India. And at the end of every internship, I walk out feeling satisfied and accomplished. So, the next time you get the winter off or have a nice long break, here are a few reasons why you should consider interning with an NGO (I promise, it’s worth a read):

a) Making an impact:

In earlier times, people viewed volunteers as some who might be sent out to get coffee, or make copies. However, over the past few years, volunteering options have expanded and the goal has now become to help volunteers contribute and grow along the way. As a student, you have very few chances to contribute meaningful ideas that make a difference. As a volunteer or an intern, you are given the opportunity to share ideas and make a difference. You will contribute to making a positive social change. Additionally, working alongside people who feel as strongly as you do about supporting a particular cause creates a path for developing strong relationships with others.

b) Gain real-world work experience:

Gaining real-world experience helps everything from improving the volunteer’s chance of impressing potential employers, to make sure they have skills that they can use to ensure success when they start a new job. Volunteer work gives students a chance to gain these skills while they are still in school. There is a certain level of accomplishment when you take the knowledge you learned in class and apply them to “work”. Your education reinforces the fact that these theoretical theories and concepts that your teachers keep telling you are actually useful in real life.


c) Network, network…oh and network:

Volunteers have invaluable access to colleagues at different levels all in an industry that they are considering as their future career path. This is when you “get your feet wet”, or try different types of careers when you have the opportunity to do so. Volunteering is also an awesome opportunity to network and meet new people! You will be surprised to the kinds of people you end up a meeting, and connecting with!


This past Summer, I interned with ConnectFor for about six weeks. Before applying, I was a bit hesitant about applying anywhere. But, I did it! That feeling at the end of my summer was….unbelievable. I realized that not only did I help the community I served, but it made me feel good. It helped me try something new (like writing this blog!) and allowed me to believe in myself by allowing me to expand my knowledge, skills, and talents. Have I convinced you yet?

So, go ahead. Check out these Internships –

Mumbai —

Pune —

Bengaluru —


Also, look out for updates on upcoming volunteering opportunities on I promise you-you will not regret this decision!

Making an Impact, One City at a Time

ConnectFor Turns 3

Hi! Welcome back to ConnectFor — we know you’ve been waiting for our next blog, so here it is. Today’s blog is a bit of a throwback. How? Let us tell you how ConnectFor got started, and the impact we’ve made since!

Our journey began three years ago when ConnectFor was launched in December 2015. ConnectFor was started with the hope of connecting people to non-profit organizations that have already been doing inspirational work, enriching the lives of those in need. We strive to ensure that volunteers are matched to NGOs based on their respective talents, skills, and interests. We believe that all the volunteers that have signed up through ConnectFor are motivated by their personal interest, curiosity or potential for professional development. Volunteers believe that by giving their time to a worthy cause, they are serving as contributing members of society. The top 3 categories of volunteering are teaching, social media design, and/or administration and business support.


Most of our volunteers are students or young working professionals between the ages of 21 and 30. 58% of the volunteers have 1–7 years of work experience. They can bring professional skills they have developed in the workplace like project management and team building, and apply it through volunteering with an NGO. Since the past three years, ConnectFor has engaged 1964 corporate volunteers, who have contributed about 27184.5 hours! Did you know that 800 volunteers have volunteered through 47 community events (these events vary from Tree Plantation Drives to Blood Drives). The power and impact of volunteering through ConnectFor goes well beyond time spent. Our volunteers have not only contributed hours, but also contributed economically by saving costs. A ConnectFor volunteer helps an NGO save about Rs. 2,614. Cumulatively, these volunteers have given more than 20,000 hours of volunteering and saved NGOs more than Rs. 6,000,000. These numbers depict the impact volunteering can have for NGOs and the need for human resources to help these organizations achieve their selfless goals.

Our journey at ConnectFor does not stop here. Our journey at ConnectFor has always been one of growth, and it will continue to be so. 3 years later and 3 cities later, we are excited to see what’s coming up! Here are some volunteering facts that we have come up with over the years!

So what is stopping you? Come join our community and start your volunteering journey today.

For more details visit our website

Let’s ConnectFor Change.

Happy Volunteering!

ConnectFor Tri-City Beautification – We turn 3!

ConnectFor Tri-City Beautification – We turn 3!

Three years is an exciting milestone which we would not have been able to achieve without our devoted founders Shloka Mehta and Maniti Modi. ConnectFor’s journey began when our founders were modeling an idea that provided an accessible platform to engage with the volunteering community.

They were able to move forward with ConnectFor’s launch in 2015 on the hopes to build an online volunteering platform that connects individuals to various NGO’s and corporate organizations across the nation.

In 2018, they led ConnectFor to demonstrate the value of human resources for non-profit organizations and/or corporate organizations, by creating high-value matches based on an organization’s needs, and an individual’s time, skills, and interests. After three years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, ConnectFor is proud to be in three progressive cities: Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune.

To commemorate ConnectFor’s 3rd birthday we are giving back to our host cities by hosting beautification campaign across Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune on December 9, 2018, from 9:30am-1:00 pm. We would love for you to be part of this celebration!

We strongly believe that communities are meant to create connections, opportunities, and a sense of belonging. A city beautification campaign is a great way to build thriving communities as volunteers work together towards achieving a common goal. We want our volunteers to come together to create an enriching and vibrant space for each individual of the community.

In Mumbai, we will be collaborating with local railway authorities to paint a railway station. In Bengaluru, we will be working to uplift a public garden, and in Pune, we will be working towards uplifting the main road. Volunteers are encouraged to bring along their friends and family members and work together to create a better environment.

To RSVP, please click on the links given below:

For Mumbai:

For Bengaluru:

For Pune:

If you cannot attend this event but would like to donate to raise funds for the event, you can support by donating on this link —

ConnectFor is looking forward to celebrating its third birthday with all of you! Our volunteers have been integral to our growth and success. We have just a few spots left so we encourage you to sign up as soon as you can!

For further event details click here

Happy Volunteering!

This Childrens Day encourage your kids to Volunteer

                         This Childrens Day encourage your kids to Volunteer

In Pakistan, Nighat Dad helps young women fight online bullying and harassment. In France, Romain Lacombe is creating tools to help people track air pollution. In India, Ajaita Shah is increasing access to reliable, affordable, clean and safe energy products to the underprivileged through sales and service outlets. While these individuals support varied causes they have one vital thing in common; They are young change makers working to improve the world we live in. As young people get older, they are able to stretch their abilities. Children and/or adults engaging with others in meaningful service activities can encourage growth and development in a variety of ways.

Here are a few reasons to encourage your kids to volunteer:

· Volunteering helps foster empathy:

Empathy is the most important feeling to have when responding to the needs of others. We need to be able to imagine what other people may be going through or feeling. Volunteering help kids engage their natural empathic sense, but they must also be able to talk about the purpose and experience of the respective activity they are partaking in.



· Volunteering helps develop a sense of self-efficacy:

Children are likely aware that there are people in need and causes that require our attention but are unsure what role they can play in improving the lives of the less fortunate.Volunteering can provide an experience that affirms a young person’s sense of self that they can make a difference through their own effort and skills. These kinds of experiences can empower young people to apply themselves in schools, and other organized activities.


  • Volunteering provides experience working with others:

Social skills are learned best in social situations. When children come together to engage in meaningful tasks, communication and collaborations rise to the surface in a supportive manner. Volunteering also provides a great opportunity for parents and children to work and learn together. Giving students the opportunity to discover new Fields of interest really sparks a passion for learning and doing. Students often begin to discover, and find meaning in other activities.



  • Volunteering encourages civic responsibility:

Partaking in community service teaches students the importance of investing in our community and the people who live in it. Not only do we want our kids to be successful in the future, but we want them to understand what it means to be a good citizen.

Volunteering is more than just spending one’s time actively participating in selfless acts that benefit others. It has a much greater impact on society as a whole. Parents and schools should work together to inspire volunteerism among children. They will grow up as well-rounded individuals that are competent, socially aware, and useful members of society. Children’s’ Day, approaching on November 14, 2018 is a great place to start!

5 Ways to make this Diwali Meaningful

5 Ways to make this Diwali Meaningful

The gift of inner peace is the best gift to give this, and every Diwali!
Diwali is just a few days with numerous celebrations involving, shopping, gifts, decorations, and get-togethers. Receiving gifts are always satisfying but this Diwali, let’s decide to “gift” ourselves something more meaningful than conventional presents. Let’s capture the essence of Diwali and purchase gifts from talented young adults from NGO’s across the city. They offer an array of items such as torans, paintings, wall hangings and much more! So join us in making a difference this Diwali and making it a celebration of hard work and generosity.In order to make a significant difference, let us all encourage people to buy handcrafted Diwali items from various NGO’s listed below. There are six different NGO’s that have worked hard to ensure all your needs are met.

These handmade items will not only have a longer life than conventionally made products but are also eco-friendly in nature. A great opportunity to reward those who put in the time and effort to make these gifts. You will find everything from coasters to wine bags to chocolate modaks! So, click on any one of these links, and check out what’s in store for you!

MANN- Centre for Individuals with Special Needs: Items they make and sell: wine bags, envelopes set, diaries, greeting cards, lamps, candle stands, tea light holders, and various kinds of accessories {earrings, bangles, bracelets, coasters, hot plates, trivets}                                            (

Access Life – Cancer Care Centre – Items they make and sell: Diyas and torans    (

Light of Life Trust – Items they make and sell: Kurtas, bags, paintings, accessories & more (

Alive Foundation – Items they make and sell: table lamps, wooden boxes, stationery, key holders  & more (

Lakshya Art Foundation – Items they make and sell: chocolate modaks, jute bags, lanterns & more  (

Healing Dove Foundation – Items they make and sell: diyas and lanterns (

A difference can also be made by buying new toys and donating old ones. Donating toys can bring a sparkle to the eyes of millions of children and provide every child with an opportunity to enjoy the festival. You can start by donating your old toys to schools, hospitals and other relevant organizations.

The best way to give back to society is by giving your time. Volunteer work can help strengthen our community as it allows you to grow as a member and as an individual. You can choose a service or NGO via ConnectFor and volunteer your time for a worthy cause.

As Diwali is a celebration of lights and devouring delicious treats, let’s give every individual an opportunity to savour the moment.  You can cook, share and celebrate Diwali at an orphanage and enjoy a meal with them. No feeling is more satisfying as making Diwali treats for everyone! You can also cook along with the children and create precious memories.

Lastly, the easiest way to make a difference is to donate online or sign up for a community event with your friends and family through the ConnectFor website.                                                                                          (Join us now for a city beautification drive in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru – RSVP now –

We hope that everyone puts in an effort to make Diwali special for every member of society.  It is a blessing that we have the scope to put a smile on every child’s face and give back to society. Let’s all work together by purchasing gifts from NGO’s, donating our time and money to the less fortunate and celebrate this auspicious festival with inner peace.

From everyone at ConnectFor, we wish you a very happy, prosperous, and peaceful Diwali!

5 Benefits of Volunteering at Community Events

5 Benefits of Volunteering at Community Events

Have you ever wanted to volunteer and give back but felt that you did not know how to contribute effectively? Or maybe you were a bit worried that your opinions on prevalent issues would not be considered? Well, you were wrong! Being involved in community engagements is a great way to give back!

At ConnectFor we believe community involvement is vital to help address and resolve societal and environmental issues, which is why we have curated a range of events you can volunteer at this year.

Participating in community events is a great way to give back to society and support causes that are dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. It is essential for us to make time in our busy lives to do our part in leading the change through communal activities.

Believe it or not, volunteering has its perks. It can help reduce stress, enhance your professional career, and give you a sense of purpose. Volunteering does not necessarily have to be a long-term commitment, giving a small amount of time from your busy schedule and helping those in need can improve your health and happiness. Let’s take a look at these benefits more in-depth.

  1. Improving others lives and giving back to society – The first benefit that you would derive on participating in a Community Engagement is that you will in some way surely improve their lives and back to the society in the smallest possible way by contributing just some amount of your time.
  2. Connecting with People – Community engagements provide you with the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all walks of life. Working together towards solving a common problem instills a sense of comradery between volunteers, often result in long-lasting friendships. A great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and interact with like-minded people working towards the betterment of society.
  3. Strengthening your body, mind, and soul – Volunteering strengthens your body, mind, and soul. Help improve your state of mind by decreasing stress, anger and anxiety that many of us deal with in our lives. The idea of helping and being there for others is a type of feeling that will help decrease your stress. You are making a meaningful connection with another person, something that you probably won’t have a chance to do so often. Additionally, doing good for others and the community will provide a sense of accomplishment, and will increase the confidence of a volunteer.
  4. Career Growth – Volunteering can help grow your professional career and bring growth to your career. If you’re in the process of switching jobs or want a break to do something different-volunteer! By volunteering with different people and NGO’s, you are broadening your horizons and experiences. This might help you figure out what you want to do next! Furthermore, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and organization skills.
  5. Bringing Joy into your Life – Volunteering can bring joy into your life. Volunteering is an easy way to explore your interests and passions. Just like how volunteering can bring advances to your career, finding the fun in volunteering can help people find peace and a purpose to live. When you partake in volunteering, you will find it meaningful and interesting. Volunteering can be relaxing and can energize and motivate you from your day to day routines at work, and/or school.

We believe that being involved with our local community is all about building relationships: with the community, leaders, various businesses, and most importantly, with the citizens of those communities. We believe that it is our responsibility to serve, connect, and celebrate our community, and to do this we need you!

Have we convinced you to participate in community events yet? We hope we have! If you are not sure where to start. Well, we’ve got the answer for you! Register on the website:, and stay tuned for more community events happening around you. Make sure to sign up, and make a difference in someone’s life!

Join us on 19th October for DIY — Diya It Yourself.