One Year Work Anniversary

About a year ago, my best friend’s sister (who is now my Co-Founder) casually mentioned the idea of ConnectFor to me. She off-handedly asked me if I would be interested in helping her start one of India’s first volunteering platforms.

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Ask Me Where I Work

It is hard for me to believe that two months ago, I was nervous about moving to Bombay. I was not quite sure what I was doing with myself. Here are the simple facts I did know at the time:

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Wanted: Annual Report Creator on Urgent Basis

Udaan was meant to receive a volunteer who had committed to design their Annual Report for the year 2014–2015; however, at very last minute, the volunteer dropped out, and Udaan had no replacement for the same. They were in a time crunch and had to find someone urgently to take on this entire project.

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