7 ways to spend your weekend in Bangalore !

Namaskara Bengaluru!

Hey there! Are you looking to engage in some meaningful activities in Bengaluru on your weekends? Most of us land up being lazy during our weekends and regret it on Sunday evening when we realize we just lost 2 days. Volunteering is one of the proven ways to reduce your stress and increase life satisfaction, and improve both mental and physical health.

ConnectFor, since its inception in 2015, has connected 9000+ volunteers to more than 140 NGOs in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Here is a list of opportunities that you can volunteer during your weekends.

1. Skill Development Volunteer

Muskurahat Foundation is a non-profit organization consisting of devoted individuals striving to just spread smiles. They strive hard to provide the best for the underprivileged section of the society, especially children and encourage them to endeavor for excellence in education and health by providing them with a sponsored fruitful education and stabilizing their unstable lifestyle. They are looking for volunteers to come to participate in personality development sessions & various non-academic activities with the children from the Shelter Home on Sundays from 10 a.m — 12 p.m.

2. Story Telling

Our partner Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a non profit engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation.They run digital library program wherein they convert books [general, competitive & curriculum based] in audio format so that visually impaired students can access them.Volunteer can record the books either at the NGO recording studio or remotely.

3. Computer/English Teaching Volunteer

Our partner Kritagyata Trust who works with needy children and women to get their basic rights and help the children by educating them and making them sustainable to face this competitive world in a healthy way. They require volunteers to teach English and Computers to government school children between the ages of 5–12. Volunteers should know basic Kannada. Nimage Kannada bashe barutiddare nivu nammajothege volunteer aagi karya nirvahisadahudu

4. Food Distribution

Robin Hood Army, another one of our partners, is a volunteer based organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society. You can be a part of this volunteer community to help them collect meals and serve them to the less fortunate across various areas in Bengaluru.

5. Mentoring a kid or a teen

Our partner Mentor Together provides empowering one-to-one mentoring relationships that help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds break the inequality of opportunity. They are looking for volunteers who can commit for one year to mentor a kid or teen.

6. Teach a New Skill

Our partner Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled are engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation. They require volunteers to come to the center and teach children vocational skill/ soft skill/ personality development.

7. Digital Marketing with Anuprayaas

Anuprayaas works closely with visually impaired people to provide accessibility solutions in public places. In collaboration with the Ministry of Indian Railways, they have over 12 ongoing projects which include, overall accessibility for the visually impaired, institutional of braille tags, etc. They are looking for volunteers who will help them with their overall fundraising and marketing for their upcoming projects. Volunteers will have to work on digital marketing, crowd source funding, and networking. Volunteers will get a chance to lead these projects and should have experience in the same.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick, and let’s get started. It’s time to volunteer Bengaluru!

World Youth Skill Day 2018

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This quote of Mahatma Gandhi is one of the main driving factors behind the efforts at ConnectFor. When we try by doing good to others, we are most essentially ourselves. When we care for others, we are acting as our true selves. ConnectFor aims to help others, by connecting volunteers to various NGO’s based on their interests, skills, and curiosity.

Today is July 15, which also happens to be World Youth Skills Day, a day that has been established by the United Nations. In today’s day and age, there are many young adults who are more likely to be unemployed, and/or are working in less supportive jobs, because of unfortunate personal and/or economic reasons. Therefore, the government has initiated the idea of World Youth Skills Day to draw attention to how young adults can be inspired to develop, enhance, and execute their skills and achieve their maximum potential.

ConnectFor combines the acquisition of skills and the ability of young adults to make informed choices about how to better utilize and further develop their skills, by giving them the opportunity to volunteer at differentiated NGO’s. Besides placing volunteers “at the right fitted” NGO’s, ConnectFor ensures that all young adults have the appropriate support, guidance, and confidence to help them in making choices and raising awareness about education, health, environment, and other imperative topics.

In many countries, including India, technical and vocational education and training is available, however, the focus is also shifting to the softer skills, with strong inter-personal skills that make having an opportunity accessible. Volunteering gives people the ability to work in a team, a skill that is recognized as crucial, specifically, these days. Having and giving such commitment to people is particularly important in a region with a younger population, and where World Youth Skills Day should have a particular resonance.

Today, we at ConnectFor have a challenge for you! Here are just a few options that you can pick from to volunteer.

Skill Development Workshops conducted by ConnectFor.

Grab a friend or a family member, and do something that you have not done before-try and get out of that comfort zone 🙂 Being selfless can often be the best way to be happy. Your actions, whether big or small, will have an impact on someone’s life. Volunteering allows you meet people, and gives you the chance to form real relationships and connections that have a lasting impact on your life. We believe that we should try and make World Youth Skills Day every day, not only on July 15!

So, ConnectFor followers, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let us know what volunteer opportunity is next on your bucket list!

Gearing Towards a Green-er India:

With a population of approximately 1.3 billion, India ranks second in the list of countries with the most people.Over the years, rising economic advancement in parallel to a growing population has caused the country’s environmental conditions to deteriorate, leading to a scarcity in natural resources, deforestation and pollution. As these issues rise to surface, consumers and corporations are thinking of sound and innovative green strategies to enhance sustainable growth. This is where we, ConnectFor, step in.

At ConnectFor, cause meets passion meets impact. We believe that in order to see the change in the world, we must take the first initiative to create that change. One of ConnectFor’s main goal is working towards the idea of preserving the environment by facing two main challenges: deforestation and global warming. We have realized that by doing all of us doing something simple as the planting of trees, we are creating a huge impact on the environment! ConnectFor collaborates with corporations to organise a diverse range of one-day, one-time events where we engage corporate employees through participating in relevant community service as well as to develop team building and collaboration for corporate groups.

We have partnered with corporations and NGO’s who serve as planting partners in each of their specific areas.These partners are responsible for planting the sapling, and maintaining it for its lifetime where the work is undertaken by community members. Furthermore, the communities are also availed by the products of the trees like fruits and flowers. Planting trees does not only improve wildlife habitats, biodiversity, and fights climate change, but it also provides various opportunities to the communities who are all directly impacted in the planting of the trees. ConnectFor provides corporations an opportunity to offset their carbon footprints as well. For example, in the month of June, ConnectFor has worked with with MTC Group, where employees planted saplings in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru. Together, they have planted 95 saplings in these three areas! This is just the beginning for us. In the future, ConnectFor expects to build relations with more volunteers, corporations, and NGO’s.

Social responsibility has given rise to mutually beneficial partnership between ConnectFor, NGO’s, and corporations to create a positive impact in the world. When employees involve themselves in caring for the environment, it allows the corporation to create an image in remote areas and thus connect to communities as an environment friendly company. To ensure successful events, ConnectFor acts as a vital link between corporations and NGO partners, where we identify credible NGO’s, assess the needs of the corporations, identify and evaluate implementation partners, ideate and execute corporate social engagement activities with monitoring, reporting, and impact evaluation.

Traditionally, Tree Plantation has been one of our favourite events both for our corporates, and for our community. It is one of the most gratifying and feel-good experiences ConnectFor volunteers have especially during this season! Try it, and find out why!

To RSVP, please visit ConnectFor and sign up here:

Mahesh Tikke’s Story — From An Aspiring To A Full-Time Graphic Designer

Mahesh Tikke — A full-time designer at Schbang

About a year ago, in association with Schbang (an advertising agency in Mumbai) ConnectFor set out on a mission to find underprivileged youth & skill them in Graphic Design for free with the help of the skilled Designers at Schbang. The end goal of the program was to prepare 20 students to find a job in the Graphic Design world.

The passion-driven, Mahesh Tikke, a boy from last year’s batch (from Antarang Foundation), took his passion for design seriously and applied for this program not even knowing what was waiting in store for him. Mahesh was able to learn various skills & softwares during the course of this program, adding to his design knowledge. He managed to not only complete the program successfully but also landed a job at Schbang itself & he’s now a full-time Graphic Designer there, working with some of the most powerful brands in India.

He served as an inspiration not only to aspiring designers, but also to both ConnectFor & Schbang. Training even 1 such student to the best of our ability resulted in a successful kickstart to his career. With this inspiration in mind, this year we’re back for Round 2 of the Schbang Design Program & aim to train 40 such design enthusiasts in Mumbai. We do not only want to prepare these individuals for the real world but will also help them find employment basis their performance & ability.

An amazing opportunity like this one doesn’t come around as often. So if you know any deserving person or people who can make the most of this opportunity (house help’s kids, office peon, NGOs who work with you etc.) please do reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call on +7977347851. For more information on what ConnectFor does, visit

5 ways to volunteer from home

Do you wish to volunteer?

Yes? But then you hate leaving your house during vacations!

Or are you someone who ends up wasting an entire Sunday afternoon?

Well we have got the best solution for all of you.

Did you know you could volunteer from the comfort of your home? Yes now you can.

No more travelling, no more getting dressed, now volunteer in your pyjamas!

This type of volunteering is called remote volunteering. Here you do not have to physically visit an NGO but rather volunteer for them from any location convenient to you.

Here are some opportunities that would take only a couple of hours of your time but would have a lasting impact for the NGO and all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Volunteer as a web designer:

Help these NGOs have an online presence by volunteering to help them create and maintain a website.


  1. Volunteer as a financial consultant:

Good at Finance? Then why not volunteer to help these NGOs maintain their accounting books and share your wisdom?


  1. Volunteer as a graphic designer:

Showcase your creative side and create some amazing designs for these NGOs.


  1. Volunteer as a strategic consultant:

Good at giving advice? Then why not advice for a good cause, be a consultant. Share your strategy and planning skills to help these NGOs grow.


  1. Volunteer as a content writer:

All the writers in the house come write for these NGOs help them create great content and spread the amazing work they do.


All we are asking is to try Volunteering! What better way to take your first steps in volunteering than to begin it from the comfort of your home. This would take only a couple of hours of your time but would for sure have a greater impact on the NGO.

Happy Volunteering!

One For The Ages (and the Aged!)

In India today, we have reservations for seniors in every form be it while travelling in a train or a bus or availing any facilities at a bank. Then why is it that we cannot reserve just a significant amount of space for them in our lives?

There are countless stories of the elderly, forgotten and abandoned by the families they once rasied, who seek to find new homes and to settle their lives in what should ideally be the time they are most cared for and looked after. NGOs play a critical role, providing them with alternatives, company, food, shelter and options to improve their lives, but nothing can replace the love of a home.

Senior citizens are the roots of our families, and our society, and they deserve to be treated with love and respect. It’s not hard to make them smile — and we’ve got some suggestions for you on just how to help them feel more cherished and celebrated, resulting in greater happiness and health for them and for you!

1. Just casual conversations:

This is probably the easiest! Whether it’s at home, or on the train with you, or randomly in your building make it a point to start a conversation with them, talking about anything under the sun, be it cricket, your day at work, politics or bollywood! You will be surprised at the insights they may be able to offer, and how involved they will feel once you initiate the conversation.

2. Plan outings:

If you have elders in your family, try and plan regular excursions with them. It doesn’t need to be extravagant — a day trip, or a weekend getaway, plays or movies, everything works! Just make sure to account for their comfort and convenience during the journey, or activity, and you’ll never see someone have a better time.

3. Be Considerate:

It’s not rare to see someone in the need of a helping hand — whether it’s giving them a lift, or letting them go ahead of you in a long line, just think of little things that you can do to make life a little easier for them. Remember, being patient with them is the most important consideration you can give them.

4. Encourage them to be part of some clubs:

A lot of people say, life starts after 60! Now, many people are healthy and happy but retired, so help them find great ways to pass their time like joining recreational clubs where they will be occupied and also get a chance to meet others and make new friends — yes even at that age. After all, you’re never too old to have a good time!

5. Spend Some Time Volunteering:

NGOs need volunteers all the time — if you don’t have any seniors around you (you’re missing out!!) so come interact with them and enjoy their enthusiasm and wisdom by spending time with them. ConnectFor’s organized an event just for that, so RSVP for it, and you’ll see what we mean!

It takes only a little bit of our time and effort to make a huge difference in another person’s life. The elderly deserve our love, respect and time more than anyone, so let’s all strive to be touch their lives through our thoughts, words, and deeds!

Join ConnectFor to spread some love and cheer to the aged, as we celebrate Mother’s Day with them, on May 13, 2018. Bring your friends and family along!

RSVP here:

10 Ways To Make Your Summer Fabulous & Meaningful

Stuck in town this summer and don’t know what to do? Done with college and still figuring out what to do this summer?

Are these questions running through your mind right now? Try volunteering!

We have some handpicked opportunities that will brighten up your holidays. Volunteer at these unique spots to contribute your bit towards the community you live in. Put your skills to the best possible use and help those in need. We have curated opportunities for one and all in Mumbai and Bangalore. Love teaching, dance, painting, animals etc. we have got it all for you, read on to find out more!

1. Love painting?

We have partnered with NGOs that bring out the creative side in you. Put your creative hat on and make the most of this opportunity.

2. Social media freaks, there is something for you too!

Good with social media, blogging and computers? Help these NGO’s built their social profiles and get them to reach many many people and share their great work. Also, put your stalking skills to use by using this great talent of yours to do some research and actually benefit someone.

Mumbai or Bengaluru we’ve got you covered!

3. Any Musicians and Dancers in the house?

Whether you are a professional or dancing/music is just a hobby that you enjoy, if you are already good at it then why not go and teach this amazing art to the ones who aren’t that fortunate to afford a professional class? Find out how, right here!

4. Love KIDS??

Spend some time every week with Kids and organise play sessions, go narrate some stories to them. Also, if you wish to do more than just storytelling, you can also Mentor/Teach a child and help him build a better future. Basically it’s win-win — cute kids, fun times, what can make for a better summer, right?!

5. Click Click *Say Cheese*:

Wedding photography, Pre-wedding shoots? Still stuck with the usual? Grab your cameras this summer and photograph some rather unusual experiences, whether you’re in Mumbai or Bengaluru; it’s time to get a new lens on (life)!

6. High on Meditation:

Are you as flexible as a pretzel? Swear by asanas and breathing exercises as the secret to a good life? Want to be a guru for those who need to know about the magic of yoga? Do it for those who need it the most by signing up here!

7. Meet some furry friends!

Did you know you could volunteer and have fun at the same time? Grab this unique opportunity and spend time with some furry friends in town and make it an experience to cherish for a lifetime. You may even end up taking one home!

8. Paradise for all the book lovers!

Spend some time at local libraries in town and also book sorting drives and enjoy your day with nothing but books around. Shut out the world, bibliophiles, and do it for a cause! Sounds too good to be true? We’ve got you covered!

9. Just do it!

All the sportsmen here take a break from the day long practice sessions and visit these NGO’s to inspire and promote the importance of sports to these budding sportsmen. We’ve heard (and seen) that some of them are pretty amazing, so let’s see how you measure up against their raw talent!

10. First time volunteer?

Volunteering for the first time? Overwhelmed with the options? Don’t want to commit to volunteering every day? Never fear, test it out with these incredible weekend volunteering opportunities (Mumbai or Bengaluru) which will turn you from novice to expert in no time!

Summer is for fun, for adventure, and for making memories that will last forever. Why not enrich lives simultaneously? Remember, volunteering through ConnectFor is always all about being win-win for a cause, and what a waste of summer if you don’t spend it #winning!

Happy Volunteering & Happy Summer!

Shrutika Patil is a ConnectFor intern who is practicing what she preaches and doing good with her summer (we can already see the difference she’s making!)

On the Ground, but Flying

“To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give a reality to one’s dreams.”

DBS has always been an ardent supporter of social causes, and with the support that Greensoles has received from DBS and their engagement with them, it became apparent that their impact could be doubled with intervention. Greensole recycles discarded footwear to provide shoes to those who need it most, thereby reducing waste in landfills and serving an unmet need for the less privileged. Greensole identified an Adivasi Ashram School, in the Gandul Wada Shahapur district where the children are not exposed to the luxuries of having decent shoes or even basic necessities that get taken for granted in a city like Mumbai.

The children live at the Ashram where they are provided Education, Healthcare and basic meals such as dal rice twice a day, but during their holidays they travel, by feet to their nearby village homes which takes them roughly 3–4 hours, walking. Unfortunately, these children didn’t have basic footwear to manage this journey, and that led very severe blisters and bruises and immense pain as they attempted the journeys without shoes. DBS worked with ConnectFor to create an activity for DBS employees to visit this ashram and distribute shoes to all the children there. In total, 300 pairs of shoes were given out, reaching every child that the Ashram served. DBS’s distribution of Greensoles shoes have helped these children not just by enabling them to meet their families, but also by putting the biggest smiles on their faces.

The response to DBS’s initiative was tremendously well received. All the people from the Ashram were incredibly kind and welcoming expressed their gratitude by a welcoming ceremony followed by a thank you speech. This speech outlined the dramatic impact this distribution would have on their children, and how it was such a thoughtful and much needed act — the shoes would give the children comfort during the ardous distance they cover, and give them relief from heat-related ill health. This was followed wonderful dance performed by the young girls of the ashram, after which the volunteers at the event were served a wholesome meal made with the vegetables grown at the Ashram!

The whole experience was overwhelmingly heartwarming and left all involved with a sense of gratitude toward the littlest things in life.

2 Years of ConnectFor

Exactly 2 years ago, on December 5th 2015, to commemorate International Volunteer’s Day, ConnectFor Mumbai was launched. ConnectFor had started of as an idea to connect people that had the impetus to do good with non profit organisations already doing great work!

My journey as one of ConnectFor’s founders has been incredible. Initially, I think I was so drawn to the idea of a start-up, the social sector and just about creating a service that was one-of-a-kind from scratch. We started out with the vision in 2015 to create a #WinWinForACause and to make volunteering more accessible.

Today, 2 years later we realise the tremendous potential for a program like ConnectFor. The social sector in India is growing and there are millions thousands of organisations that are working at the grass root level to solve issues like illiteracy, lack of education, gender inequality etc. In order to become an aware citizen, contribute back to society and help these grass root organisations one needs to spend some time in understanding the work they do. Philanthropy in India is growing, and personally I believe the first step in becoming a philanthropist is giving back your time. For me the importance of volunteering is being validated on a daily basis.

Whether one is a student, a corporate, a homemaker, a retired individual, a designer or a doctor, ConnectFor has connected each of these volunteers to an organisation where they have given their time and skill to create value. In the last 2 years we have created a community of volunteers who gone above and beyond to contribute back to society. We have seen volunteers who have built websites (which would have costed NGO’s lakhs of rupees), who have painted NGO centres who have dedicated their mornings teaching children. We have seen success stories of corporate volunteers funding a specially abled child’s education after volunteering at their centre for one day. Some of our other corporate partners have volunteered to skill the underprivileged youth and then offered them a job. The power of volunteering goes far beyond spending a few hours at an NGO, and the impact of a few hours is multifold on the NGO and the volunteer.

ConnectFor currently works with over 120 NGOs in Mumbai, and has a community of 5000+ volunteers. Cumulatively, these volunteers have given more than 13,000 hours of volunteering, and saved NGOs more than INR 30,00,000 in value saving. These numbers are incredibly significant; it shows that skill and time has measurable value, and that together as a resource each of us has the potential to do something at this very moment in time.

On ConnectFor’s 2 year anniversary, 05 December 2017, ConnectFor is launching its Bangalore chapter, and taking one step further in its mission to demonstrate the value of human resource for non-profit organisations, and getting closer to realizing our vision of developing the culture of volunteering across India, encouraging both individuals, groups and organisations to realise how to best use time and skill to add significant value to the space.

Our journey at ConnectFor has been one of growth, but it has also been one of incredible optimism. Every day we see a reaffirmation of the goodness and potential of people. 2 years, 2 cities later, we are excited to see what’s coming up ahead!

Maniti Modi is one of the founders of ConnectFor, and it’s essential building block!

The Best of ConnectFor

Top 3 Moments at CF

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision is merely passing time. But vision with action can change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

After being a part of the corporate banking sector for the initial years of my career, I decided to change paths and move over to the social sector and join a start-up. My first thought to share is that working for an NGO doesn’t automatically grant the grace of helping others better their lives, or saving the planet. It is practical to assume that your efforts in this space may not be realised in the short term, but the work satisfaction that I get is incomparable to anything I have done in the past.

I have been working with ConnectFor for about 1.5 years now. The beauty of working in any start up, is like seeing a child being born and growing up. You can identify different phases and factions of growth — such as the phase of intense growth, the phase of operational stagnation or even the phase of chaos! And each phase strikes a chord close to you, because you have a been a part of each moment of this.

While it is impossible to extract and isolate just one or more favourite moments of mine at ConnectFor, there are definitely a couple of them that vividly stay with me, as if they just happened yesterday.

1. When we hit the jackpot for the first time — 1,000 volunteers! The most fun part of this was the build up to hitting the first 1,000 volunteers on ConnectFor’s website. 965..980..993.. and the next day 1,000. If you want to compare this feeling to something — the last kilometre when you’re running a marathon for the first time ever. And the 1,000? When you run over the white finish line, sweat streaming down your bow, and you think, wow I really did this.

2. That touching moment while running a corporate workshop at an NGO… — ConnectFor ran a corporate workshop for an esteemed bank at an education after-school center where the children are taught English and Maths. It was the first event at which I was going to lead and compare. Part of the workshop involved interaction between the employee volunteers and the children. The children at the center came from all walks of life — someone’s mother was a domestic helper, someone’s dad was a daily labourer etc. We had one 12 year old child ask the bank employees — “I want to become CA, my dad tells me becoming CA very respectful. Please tell me, how do I become a CA.” That moment of realisation — that child, all of 12, with no financial support, who doesn’t know if he will get his meal the next day, has bigger dreams and aspirations than all of us. It was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced in my professional life — my eyes welled up with tears of happiness and hope for this child — who changed my life in so many ways.

3. When I learnt to change my apathy to the power of empathy — The perks of working at ConnectFor is that they keep you grounded and make you realise that no problem is unsolvable. My favourite part of working at ConnectFor was conducting visits to our NGO partners, meeting the beneficiaries of each center and pitching to them how we aim to make this world a better place. On one of the NGO visits, we had to make our way to an NGO which was in a remote area. Not only that, my first impression on seeing the NGO center — this is dodgy. Dilapidated old building, no lift, no stairwell light, no other residents, isolated area and not another person in sight. Since it was just my colleague and I on this NGO visit, I was feeling a little apprehensive seeing the center. Once inside the center, it was refreshing to meet the beneficiaries. This NGO center has been made for runaway girls who were forced into labour or marriage against their will. The NGO center trains the girls vocationally in order to have a support for themselves for their future. As we left the center, I voiced out loud to my colleague that getting to this NGO center and seeing the facilities from the outside is so dodgy; I doubt any volunteers will come here. At which my colleague said, “It’s so sad. Can you imagine the girls having to grow up and spend their childhood here.” That’s when it struck me, I am so selfish. The first thing I thought about when I came here was myself as opposed to thinking about the children who are brought here and stay in these facilities day in and day out. One more thing I was taught at ConnectFor.. Changing my apathy to empathy!

The best part of working with a small team closely and meeting each other for most of the day is that they become family for you in so many ways. You spend more time with them than you spend with your parents or your spouse. And there are more moments of laughter, inside jokes, moments of sadness when someone is leaving and moments of togetherness with each other all the time.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” — Henry Ford