Give your time this Daan Utsav and make a difference!

Give your time this Daan Utsav

and make a difference!

‘Daan’ and ‘Utsav’ are two words that describe our Indian Culture extremely well. Daan Utsav, also known as ‘The Joy of Giving Week’ is a Festival celebrated in India every year from 2nd October to 8th October. Launched in 2009, Daan Utsav celebrates the spirit and joy of giving. The festival encourages and empowers millions of people to give back to society in any way they can. It represents breaking down the conventional stereotype of philanthropy, by focusing on the simple act of making someone else happy. This act of giving can be anything from time, money, materials, necessities, or love!

Daan Utsav is a volunteer-driven initiative executed by a passionate group of volunteers who manage the activities of the festival. The festival sees people from all walks of life doing their part for the betterment of society. Its ideology is focused on allowing people to give back in any way they choose. No contribution is too small and every form of contribution is appreciated. Something as simple teaching your household help basic English or feeding a stray dog would be in line with the spirit of Daan Utsav.

In 2017 millions of people participated in more than 1,500 events across 200 cities, raising considerable amounts of money, collecting material donations and volunteering countless hours. Be part of a movement that is dedicated to making a positive impact in people’s lives, an initiative where every small contribution makes a difference.

ConnectFor is looking for volunteers in Pune, to participate in this year’s Daan Utsav. If you live in Pune or are visiting during the week of October 2-October 8, please consider volunteering! More the merrier, spread the message of Daan Utsav by bringing a friend or a family member along with you.

To RSVP, please click on the links provided below, and stay tuned for more updates!

Along with this ConnectFor is hosting a number of Donation drives across Pune. These drives serve as a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of those in need, by donating items you no longer use. Here is a list of NGOs you can donate at.

  1. Bhumi is a platform which enables individuals to work towards causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare. Here are some items they require Ruled books, Games-puzzles, Pencils, Geometry boxes, Erasers, Colours, Storybooks
  2. SNEH Foundation works to provide proper hygiene and high-quality education for the children living in the slums. Here are some items they require Drawing books, Markers, Educational games, Storybooks, Liquid soap bottles, First aid kits, Craft material: colored papers, craft papers, sequins etc.
  3. SAMPARC Social Action for Manpower Creation works for the rehabilitation, care and educational development of orphan children, children of sex workers and all other needy, poor and disadvantaged children. Here are some items they require — Bathing soaps, Washing soaps, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Hair Oil, Toothbrush, Tiffin box, Indoor Game, notebooks Towel bed sheet & Pillow covers
  4. Connecting NGO is working on the cause of Suicide Prevention. Here are some items they require — Sketch Pens, White Board Marker pens, and refills, Water Bottles, Chart Papers, A4 printing paper, Plastic files Hand Sanitizers
  5. Maher Ashram helps destitute women, children, and men from all over India exercise their right to a higher quality of life, irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion. Here are some items they require – Rice, Dal, Wheat, Sugar, Jaggary, Cooking Oil, Rava, Poha, Salt, Bathing and Washing soap, Toothpaste, Ground Nut oil.
  6. Manavya works to understand the ramifications of HIV/AIDS outburst in India and to take necessary steps to rehabilitate the innocent children and women affected by this dreaded disease.Here are some items they require — Oil Tins, Pure Cow Ghee, Wheat, Kaju

You can drop these items at the respective NGOs anytime between October 2 — October 8, for exact addresses or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to ConnectFor at +91 79773 47851.

Since giving back to our community can not be measured, even the smallest actions count. Do share your #SmallJoysofGiving moments with us on social media. Let’s connect for happiness!

ConnectFor Ambassador Program

          ConnectFor Ambassador Program

Be a ConnectFor Ambassador!

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. Experience truly is the greatest teacher. Past experiences shape the people we develop into. We must strive to experience new activities, take on new challenges and leave a positive impact through our actions.

ConnectFor is offering a wonderful opportunity to positively impact the lives of others by becoming a ConnectFor Ambassador! What exactly does that mean? Read on to find out:

What is the ConnectFor Ambassador Program? The ConnectFor Ambassador Program is an extraordinary opportunity for young adults to engage and participate with non-profit organizations and create a positive impact through social change. ConnectFor seeks to build a community of leaders in various Indian cities to facilitate this positive social impact.

Why has this program been launched? India has the largest youth population in the world. But as a developing country, it also faces many hurdles in socio-economic growth and in overall progress as a nation. Serving as the bridge between volunteers and NGOs, ConnectFor believes that launching the CF Ambassador Program is a step in the right direction. The goal is to provide young adults a platform to engage with various types of non-profit organizations and create positive impact through social change, by contributing to the overall growth and development of our nation.

Who is eligible for this program? Young adults, in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune, who are between 18 to 25 years of age are eligible to apply for the CF Ambassador Program. If you are aspiring to be a change maker, this program is just right for you!

If you do not live in the above-mentioned cities or fit in the age bracket of 18 to 25 years, but still want to still want to make a difference in society, sign up on the ConnectFor website {} for updates on A range of volunteering opportunities.

How long do you have to stay connected with the Program for? The ConnectFor Ambassador Program is a one-year commitment. As an Ambassador, some of your engagements will include:

  1. Attending meetings and sessions every fortnight at city chapter level
  2. Accomplishing tasks and activities as per the program modules
  3. Organizing city chapter event once every two months in coordination with fellow ambassadors and teams under the guidance of CF city chapter and core team. If appointed as an Ambassador, you will be provided requisite training and support during the program. The Ambassadors will also be exposed to external speakers, experts in various professional fields and other guests to conduct specific mentoring and training sessions.

To apply for this Program, please make sure that you have signed up on our website:, and also fill in the registration form here:, as the first initiative to participate in this program!

You are not only getting a great leadership opportunity that will build on your experiences and knowledge, but you shall also add value to an organization like ConnectFor, which is one of the most innovative start-ups in India’s social sector as of today. Working amongst NGOs, children, youth, and adults from various socioeconomic backgrounds are among the most rewarding experiences you can have as a ConnectFor Ambassador. Do sign up now and be the face of change in your city.

For more information about the ConnectFor Ambassador Program email us at

7 Great Volunteering Opportunities in Pune

7 Great Volunteering Opportunities in Pune

Namaskar Punekar!

There are numerous reasons you could be looking for volunteering opportunities in Pune. You may be looking to devote your time and energy to a cause you care about or you may be keen to make a difference and contribute to society or you may even be looking to fulfill a school or college project requirement. Whatever the reason may be, ConnectFor is the perfect platform to help you identify a volunteering opportunity that suits your interests.

ConnectFor is a volunteering platform dedicated to connecting NGOs to volunteers. Our wide network of diverse NGOs ensures we have volunteering opportunities across a range of causes from educating children to caring for animals. ConnectFor believes in the immense potential that human capital has to offer in the social sector. Active for over 2 years, we have successfully matched numerous volunteers to NGOs in Mumbai and Bengaluru. We are thrilled to offer volunteering opportunities in Pune and look forward to a journey of changing lives and making a positive impact in and around the city.

There are several worthy causes you can devote your time to. ConnectFor is here to provide guidance on selecting the opportunity most suited to your needs. Read on and select the option that most appeals to you

1. Volunteer as a Teacher/Mentor – 

Are you inclined to be a mentor or a teacher? Mentor Together has pioneered the youth mentoring movement in India. They are looking for mentors to take-up a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a high school mentee. This is a great opportunity to volunteer with India’s underprivileged youth, empowering them to develop crucial life skills.

Click here to Volunteer Now 

2. Volunteer as a Content & Story Writer

Put your writing skills to use by volunteering as a story writer at Maher Ashram, an organisation dedicated to helping destitute women, children and men exercise their right to a higher quality of life, irrespective of their background. Help curate and convey their stories with the world.

Click here to Volunteer Now 

3. Volunteer as an Interior Designer

Maher Ashram is looking for volunteers who can help with the interior design of their centres. A great opportunity for anyone experienced in or studying interior design to put their creativity to work in designing a centre dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged women, children and men.

Click here to Volunteer Now

4. Volunteer as an Awareness & Outreach Participant

Connecting NGO is an NGO that works on preventing suicide by creating awareness on suicide prevention and countering the stigma associated with mental health problems. Join the efforts by volunteering as part of their awareness and outreach program to put up posters across the city (with prior permission) featuring the National Distress Hotline number.

Click here to Volunteer Now

5. Volunteer as a Gardener

Are you a nature lover? Maher Ashram is looking for volunteers who can conduct sessions on gardening and assist destitute women, men & children in getting more familiar with nature. A great opportunity for any outdoor enthusiast looking to spend more time in nature while leaving an impact on the lives of others.

Click here to Volunteer Now.

6. Volunteer as an Event Manager

The Wishing Factory aims to fulfil the wishes and needs of Thalassemia and Leukaemia patients in India. They are looking for passionate event organizers to volunteer and help organize events in Pune to fulfill the wishes of these patients. This is a wonderful way to bring joy to those who are suffering.

Click here to Volunteer Now

7. Volunteer as a Designer

Put your creative and graphic design skills to work by helping Maher Ashram present their work effectively through the creation of engaging designs for their brochures, reports & more.

Click here to Volunteer Now

We hope one of these wonderful volunteer opportunities has appealed to you. The next step is to register for your favored opportunity on the ConnectFor platform. We cant wait for you to be part of our growing volunteering community in Pune!

Join us now!

ConnectFor : Impact & Our Role In Bridging Social Sector Gaps !

When thinking about why volunteering is important, it is not only about the positive impacts we can make in the lives of those who are less fortunate, but the role it can play in making us more understanding individuals and giving towards the community. Have you ever wondered how much of an impact you can really have towards an organization? If so, imagine the vital role you can have towards an NGO!

The social sector is imperative for India because it includes several components like: health, medical care, education, poverty, environment care, and much more. Non-governmental organizations, NGOs, support causes that are often struggling to get the aide they need to become successful . Because these organizations are non-governmental, they often have lower budgets, a lack of resources, and find it challenging to receive any additional support in terms of human resources. This is where ConnectFor comes into the picture and plays a crucial role!

Started in 2015, ConnectFor is an online non-profit platform, that acts as a bridge or a mediator by helping non governmental organizations find volunteers based on their volunteering requirements and/or help volunteers find an appropriate organization based on skills, talents, and curiosity. These requirements are then turned into volunteering opportunities that are filled with scope of growth. During the past few years, the “sector” has been evolving at a rapid pace. The sectors, or the non-governmental organizations, are becoming more diverse by providing many more volunteering opportunities. People with different backgrounds, who have different hopes, aspirations, and visions of change, are given the opportunity to become more involved with what they are comfortable with. All these components make a vital contribution in the development, and growth of more resources becoming available. One of the many satisfying aspects for us at ConnectFor is being able to visibly see the way things and people are changing as a result of the interactions and matches made by ConnectFor through its online platform. So far, ConnectFor has connected over 2,114 unique individuals with specific opportunities at various non governmental organizations. ConnectFor works with NGOs to help make opportunities available and feasible for volunteers to participate in. Over time, we have realized that the time given, and the value that you can create from volunteering can leave a big smile on many faces!

In an increasingly competitive world, experiencing volunteering can become incredibly important! It shows that you can take initiative and are willing to give your own time to better the world while having gained vital skills that can be applied to your future.Through the experiences you have while volunteering, you may get a better idea of a career path you would like to chose. In any case, these initial moments of giving back might spark an interest in doing more. ConnectFor is right by your side, with every step of the way you take as a volunteer!

Below are two real life stories of volunteers who have shared their experiences while volunteering at an non-governmental organization called, The Healing Dove Foundation. If you are interested in any other volunteering opportunities, please check out our website {} or give us a call, to stay updated!

5 ways to Volunteer from Home !

Do you wish to volunteer?

Yes? But then you hate leaving your house during vacations!

Or are you someone who ends up wasting an entire Sunday afternoon?

Well we have got the best solution for all of you.

Did you know you could volunteer from the comfort of your home? Yes now you can.

No more travelling, no more getting dressed, now volunteer in your pyjamas!

This type of volunteering is called remote volunteering. Here you do not have to physically visit an NGO but rather volunteer for them from any location convenient to you.

Here are some opportunities that would take only a couple of hours of your time but would have a lasting impact for the NGO and all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Volunteer as a web designer:

Help NGOs have an online presence by volunteering to help them create and maintain a website. Apply now.

2. Volunteer as a financial consultant:

Good at Finance? Then why not volunteer to help these NGOs maintain their accounting books and share your wisdom? Apply now.

3. Volunteer as a graphic designer:

Showcase your creative side and create some amazing designs for these NGOs.

4. Volunteer as a strategic consultant:

Good at giving advice? Then why not advice for a good cause, be a consultant. Share your strategy and planning skills to help these NGOs grow.

5. Volunteer as a content writer:

All the writers in the house come write for these NGOs help them create great content and spread the amazing work they do.

All we are asking is to try Volunteering! What better way to take your first steps in volunteering than to begin it from the comfort of your home. This would take only a couple of hours of your time but would for sure have a greater impact on the NGO.

Happy Volunteering!

CSR — ConnectFor Social Responsibility

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals — they are both essential ingredients for long-term success — William Clay Ford Jr.

ConnectFor is where cause meets passion meets impact.
ConnectFor (CF) has been working in the integral space of corporate philanthropy, helping organizations fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements along with instilling the value of volunteerism among workforces. CF looks to partner with socially conscious organizations to create impactful collaborations that provide support and create value for our stakeholders in the non-profit space.

CF plays the role of providing tailored solutions and programs to corporates, to enhance social value by touching the lives of beneficiaries and sensitizing corporate volunteers towards various chronic problems our country is facing. We identify credible NGO partners, assess the needs of the corporates, identify and evaluate implementation partners, ideate and execute employee engagement activities along with monitoring, reporting and evaluating impact.

The CF team will help the corporate organize a diverse range of one-day, one-time events to engage corporate employees by participating in relevant community service as well as to develop team skills for corporate groups. These are conducted in association with different NGOs and cause areas (for example education & literacy, environment etc.) as per the request of
the corporate. Although the events are typically one-day engagements, longer engagements can be arranged based on a specific brief. The nature of the event can be skill agnostic or designed including skill-building activities. CF will work with the corporate on ideation, planning, and execution of these events on a need basis, based on a brief provided by the corporate.

The CF team will be able to ensure a seamless end to end experience for social engagement activities by using its expertise and experience in volunteer management and employee engagement. Using ConnectFor’s ever-growing network of NGO partners, the team will be able to ensure and conduct high impact planning and execution for a variety of activity briefs.
Much to ConnectFor’s delight, positive feedback was received from 96% of corporate volunteers and the total value generated for the corporate sector was INR 13,03,300. Beneficiaries too reported positive outcomes. CF thus managed to touch lives of more than 1000 beneficiaries through our corporate engagement efforts to date.

Banking Goodwill:
CF organized an event for corporate employees of a bank to engage with specially-abled adults from Mann- Centre for Individuals with Special Needs, a non-profit that aims to help develop independence and employability in individuals with mental retardation, autism, down syndrome, learning disabilities, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The employees spent considerable time with the Maa beneficiaries and engaged in creating and decorating products/merchandise with them such envelopes, coasters, and tablemats. Each employee interacted one-on-one with one or more beneficiaries. The volunteers were so moved by the beneficiaries innocence and unadulterated happiness in the small things of life, that they came together and donated a sum of their salary for covering all the expenses for one beneficiary for one quarter.

Creating Shining Stars:
CF organized a 6-month volunteering programme for employees from Diamond Technology Solutions(DTS). Through a series of computer literacy workshops for underprivileged girls conducted by DTS employees, 12 girls (aged 12–17 years) from The Gyanada Foundation (which works towards the education of the girl child) were trained in computer literacy and were taught how to use Scratch, a programming software. Despite being a long-term programme, the DTS employees remained fully engaged and dedicatedly devoted their time and effort to provide the much-needed life skills to the girls, which would help them earn a livelihood independently in the future.

ConnectFor received very positive feedback on the execution and management of these engagements.

So, if you are a Corporate looking for CSR solutions we are here. Contact us for more details!

email us – or call us on – +91 79773 47851/ +91 89282 81214

7 ways to spend your weekend in Bangalore !

Namaskara Bengaluru!

Hey there! Are you looking to engage in some meaningful activities in Bengaluru on your weekends? Most of us land up being lazy during our weekends and regret it on Sunday evening when we realize we just lost 2 days. Volunteering is one of the proven ways to reduce your stress and increase life satisfaction, and improve both mental and physical health.

ConnectFor, since its inception in 2015, has connected 9000+ volunteers to more than 140 NGOs in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Here is a list of opportunities that you can volunteer during your weekends.

1. Skill Development Volunteer

Muskurahat Foundation is a non-profit organization consisting of devoted individuals striving to just spread smiles. They strive hard to provide the best for the underprivileged section of the society, especially children and encourage them to endeavor for excellence in education and health by providing them with a sponsored fruitful education and stabilizing their unstable lifestyle. They are looking for volunteers to come to participate in personality development sessions & various non-academic activities with the children from the Shelter Home on Sundays from 10 a.m — 12 p.m.

2. Story Telling

Our partner Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a non profit engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation.They run digital library program wherein they convert books [general, competitive & curriculum based] in audio format so that visually impaired students can access them.Volunteer can record the books either at the NGO recording studio or remotely.

3. Computer/English Teaching Volunteer

Our partner Kritagyata Trust who works with needy children and women to get their basic rights and help the children by educating them and making them sustainable to face this competitive world in a healthy way. They require volunteers to teach English and Computers to government school children between the ages of 5–12. Volunteers should know basic Kannada. Nimage Kannada bashe barutiddare nivu nammajothege volunteer aagi karya nirvahisadahudu

4. Food Distribution

Robin Hood Army, another one of our partners, is a volunteer based organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society. You can be a part of this volunteer community to help them collect meals and serve them to the less fortunate across various areas in Bengaluru.

5. Mentoring a kid or a teen

Our partner Mentor Together provides empowering one-to-one mentoring relationships that help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds break the inequality of opportunity. They are looking for volunteers who can commit for one year to mentor a kid or teen.

6. Teach a New Skill

Our partner Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled are engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation. They require volunteers to come to the center and teach children vocational skill/ soft skill/ personality development.

7. Digital Marketing with Anuprayaas

Anuprayaas works closely with visually impaired people to provide accessibility solutions in public places. In collaboration with the Ministry of Indian Railways, they have over 12 ongoing projects which include, overall accessibility for the visually impaired, institutional of braille tags, etc. They are looking for volunteers who will help them with their overall fundraising and marketing for their upcoming projects. Volunteers will have to work on digital marketing, crowd source funding, and networking. Volunteers will get a chance to lead these projects and should have experience in the same.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick, and let’s get started. It’s time to volunteer Bengaluru!

World Youth Skill Day 2018

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This quote of Mahatma Gandhi is one of the main driving factors behind the efforts at ConnectFor. When we try by doing good to others, we are most essentially ourselves. When we care for others, we are acting as our true selves. ConnectFor aims to help others, by connecting volunteers to various NGO’s based on their interests, skills, and curiosity.

Today is July 15, which also happens to be World Youth Skills Day, a day that has been established by the United Nations. In today’s day and age, there are many young adults who are more likely to be unemployed, and/or are working in less supportive jobs, because of unfortunate personal and/or economic reasons. Therefore, the government has initiated the idea of World Youth Skills Day to draw attention to how young adults can be inspired to develop, enhance, and execute their skills and achieve their maximum potential.

ConnectFor combines the acquisition of skills and the ability of young adults to make informed choices about how to better utilize and further develop their skills, by giving them the opportunity to volunteer at differentiated NGO’s. Besides placing volunteers “at the right fitted” NGO’s, ConnectFor ensures that all young adults have the appropriate support, guidance, and confidence to help them in making choices and raising awareness about education, health, environment, and other imperative topics.

In many countries, including India, technical and vocational education and training is available, however, the focus is also shifting to the softer skills, with strong inter-personal skills that make having an opportunity accessible. Volunteering gives people the ability to work in a team, a skill that is recognized as crucial, specifically, these days. Having and giving such commitment to people is particularly important in a region with a younger population, and where World Youth Skills Day should have a particular resonance.

Today, we at ConnectFor have a challenge for you! Here are just a few options that you can pick from to volunteer.

Skill Development Workshops conducted by ConnectFor.

Grab a friend or a family member, and do something that you have not done before-try and get out of that comfort zone 🙂 Being selfless can often be the best way to be happy. Your actions, whether big or small, will have an impact on someone’s life. Volunteering allows you meet people, and gives you the chance to form real relationships and connections that have a lasting impact on your life. We believe that we should try and make World Youth Skills Day every day, not only on July 15!

So, ConnectFor followers, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let us know what volunteer opportunity is next on your bucket list!

Gearing Towards a Green-er India:

With a population of approximately 1.3 billion, India ranks second in the list of countries with the most people.Over the years, rising economic advancement in parallel to a growing population has caused the country’s environmental conditions to deteriorate, leading to a scarcity in natural resources, deforestation and pollution. As these issues rise to surface, consumers and corporations are thinking of sound and innovative green strategies to enhance sustainable growth. This is where we, ConnectFor, step in.

At ConnectFor, cause meets passion meets impact. We believe that in order to see the change in the world, we must take the first initiative to create that change. One of ConnectFor’s main goal is working towards the idea of preserving the environment by facing two main challenges: deforestation and global warming. We have realized that by doing all of us doing something simple as the planting of trees, we are creating a huge impact on the environment! ConnectFor collaborates with corporations to organise a diverse range of one-day, one-time events where we engage corporate employees through participating in relevant community service as well as to develop team building and collaboration for corporate groups.

We have partnered with corporations and NGO’s who serve as planting partners in each of their specific areas.These partners are responsible for planting the sapling, and maintaining it for its lifetime where the work is undertaken by community members. Furthermore, the communities are also availed by the products of the trees like fruits and flowers. Planting trees does not only improve wildlife habitats, biodiversity, and fights climate change, but it also provides various opportunities to the communities who are all directly impacted in the planting of the trees. ConnectFor provides corporations an opportunity to offset their carbon footprints as well. For example, in the month of June, ConnectFor has worked with with MTC Group, where employees planted saplings in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru. Together, they have planted 95 saplings in these three areas! This is just the beginning for us. In the future, ConnectFor expects to build relations with more volunteers, corporations, and NGO’s.

Social responsibility has given rise to mutually beneficial partnership between ConnectFor, NGO’s, and corporations to create a positive impact in the world. When employees involve themselves in caring for the environment, it allows the corporation to create an image in remote areas and thus connect to communities as an environment friendly company. To ensure successful events, ConnectFor acts as a vital link between corporations and NGO partners, where we identify credible NGO’s, assess the needs of the corporations, identify and evaluate implementation partners, ideate and execute corporate social engagement activities with monitoring, reporting, and impact evaluation.

Traditionally, Tree Plantation has been one of our favourite events both for our corporates, and for our community. It is one of the most gratifying and feel-good experiences ConnectFor volunteers have especially during this season! Try it, and find out why!

To RSVP, please visit ConnectFor and sign up here:

Mahesh Tikke’s Story — From An Aspiring To A Full-Time Graphic Designer

Mahesh Tikke — A full-time designer at Schbang

About a year ago, in association with Schbang (an advertising agency in Mumbai) ConnectFor set out on a mission to find underprivileged youth & skill them in Graphic Design for free with the help of the skilled Designers at Schbang. The end goal of the program was to prepare 20 students to find a job in the Graphic Design world.

The passion-driven, Mahesh Tikke, a boy from last year’s batch (from Antarang Foundation), took his passion for design seriously and applied for this program not even knowing what was waiting in store for him. Mahesh was able to learn various skills & softwares during the course of this program, adding to his design knowledge. He managed to not only complete the program successfully but also landed a job at Schbang itself & he’s now a full-time Graphic Designer there, working with some of the most powerful brands in India.

He served as an inspiration not only to aspiring designers, but also to both ConnectFor & Schbang. Training even 1 such student to the best of our ability resulted in a successful kickstart to his career. With this inspiration in mind, this year we’re back for Round 2 of the Schbang Design Program & aim to train 40 such design enthusiasts in Mumbai. We do not only want to prepare these individuals for the real world but will also help them find employment basis their performance & ability.

An amazing opportunity like this one doesn’t come around as often. So if you know any deserving person or people who can make the most of this opportunity (house help’s kids, office peon, NGOs who work with you etc.) please do reach out to us at or give us a call on +7977347851. For more information on what ConnectFor does, visit