ConnectFor FAQs

 Welcome to ConnectFor! We are an online volunteering platform acting as an aggregator in the development sector. We connect volunteers to NGOs free of charge, for any requirements they may have. We work with volunteers, NGOs, and corporates to create value alike from all our engagements. Here is how ConnectFor works:

For Organizations

1. What types of organizations does ConnectFor work with?

We work with carefully curated non-profits and NGOs across a variety of verticals. Only organisations that have their registrations and certifications in place can upload opportunities on our platform.

2. I just registered my non-profit. Now what?

Thank you for registering! A member from the Rosy Blue Foundation [RBF] team will contact you shortly to talk you through the model, and discuss the kinds of opportunities ConnectFor will help you fulfill.

3. What kind of opportunities can I put on ConnectFor?

A member from the RBF team will help you curate opportunities that can be uploaded on ConnectFor. In general, they must be opportunities that require either time or skill, and no financial commitment. Any opportunities looking at direct fundraising will be disallowed.

4. How long does it take to get matched?

Our process requires interest to be shown by a volunteer, so we can’t say for sure. In general we look to take no more than 4 weeks for a match to be made.

5. How long does it take to complete a project?

It depends on the nature of the project; once the match has been made, we leave it to the organisation and the volunteer to work out a timeline they are comfortable with, but we check in from time to time to ensure everything is going smoothly.

6. Does ConnectFor guarantee a match for every listed opportunity?

The way matching works requires that a volunteer must be interested in a listed opportunity. Following a demonstration of interest, we connect the volunteer with the organisation. If both are happy with the match, we enable them to take it forward. If either one reports dissatisfaction, we will try our best to find another interested volunteer. Should we be unable to find an appropriate match, the RBF team will work with the organisation to identify an opportunity where we can be certain of finding a match.

7. What if multiple volunteers show interest?

Based on the volunteers that show interest, we will choose one who we think is the best fit for the described opportunity, but we will inform you that there are other potential volunteers. It is then up to the organisation whether they are satisfied with the first match, or if they would like to meet more. We will have a maximum of 3 options per opportunity for an organisation to meet, based on demonstrated interest.

8. Who owns the rights to the deliverables of an opportunity?

If the opportunity is skill based, resulting in deliverables such as infographics, logo designs, print materials, websites and photographs, they will be owned by the organisation. However, our volunteers do have the right to use anything they may have created for you as part of their respective portfolios.

9. How do I change the status of an opportunity?

You email your point of contact on the RBF team, and tell them what change is required.

10. Can my organisation list multiple opportunities?

Yes — once the RBF team has approved of them, there is no limit on the number of opportunities an organisation can upload

11. What happens after a volunteering opportunity is completed?

The RBF team will get in touch with you and collect detailed feedback about the entire process. We will also ask you to rate the volunteer; this is purely for our own systems and to build credibility. You are then welcome to list another opportunity!

For Volunteers


1. How do I register?

Go to the JOIN US page and start filling your profile. Make sure to complete your entire profile, to find volunteering opportunities best suited for you!

2. I have registered. What do I do next?

Well done! You can now find opportunities that you think you can do. Simply go to the Explore Opportunities Tab and you will find a range of opportunities for you. Based on your time commitment & location preference, select the opportunity you would like to volunteer for & then sit back and relax.

3. How do I show interest in an opportunity?

Once you have found the opportunity of your choice from the Opportunities Page, simply click on the Read More option and once you have read all details, simply press show interest and ConnectFor will receive your query. On receiving your query, the ConnectFor team will connect with you between 24-48 hours of showing interest.

4. What do I do once I am connected to an NGO?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards volunteering! Your job is now simply to call/email/text the NGO you’re connected with and take the conversation forward. Once that is done, don’t forget to update ConnectFor of your volunteering status with them. This helps us track your volunteering journey with them.

5.  I did not receive a call from ConnectFor. What should I do?

We are sorry if that has happened to you! ConnectFor team tries their best to make sure every single volunteer is called and connected. If you did not receive a call from us or missed our call, please drop us a message on WhatsApp on +917977347851/+91 8928281214 or email us at contact@connectfor.org and we will be getting in touch with you immediately.

6. I want to volunteer with my friends/group/college. Can I do that?

Of course! ConnectFor has a philosophy of ‘the more, the merrier.’ Simply get them signed up on the ConnectFor platform just like you, and we’d be happy to connect them! In case of special queries, you can get in touch with our team at contact@connectfor.org.

7. Can I volunteer for more than one opportunity at a time?

Absolutely! As long as you feel that you can manage your commitments to multiple opportunities, you are more than welcome to volunteer for as many as you’re interested in.

8. How do I inform of my status of connection?

You can respond to our connection email or simply give us a call & we will track your progress.

9. What if I need to cancel last minute, or am no longer available for an opportunity?

We request you do your best to avoid this; however, we understand that often there are extenuating circumstances. In this situation, we ask that you inform both the point of contact at the organization, and one from our team, both via email and text message. Hopefully, it can be rescheduled; if not, we will do our best to replace you and find someone else for the role.

10. Who owns the rights to the deliverables of an opportunity?

If the opportunity is skill-based, resulting in deliverables such as infographics, logo designs, print materials, websites, and photographs, they will be owned by the organization. However, our volunteers do have the right to use anything they may have created for you as part of their respective portfolios.

11. How can I receive a certificate for my volunteering?

ConnectFor offers a certificate to all volunteers on completion of 50+ hours of volunteering. As soon as we can confirm the same with the NGO you are volunteering with, we can issue a certificate for you.