How to decrease the use of single use items like plastic and paper!

How to decrease the use of single use items like plastic and paper!

To consume paper isn’t only to consume wood, but also water and energy. However, recycled paper requires 0 trees, uses less than half the energy and produces under half the waste! Similarly, single-use plastics are disposable plastics that are used once before being thrown away. These are things like plastic bags, coffee cups, plastic bottles, and straws. We produce roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year and over half of it is only used once. 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced makes its way into the ocean every year, the equivalent of pouring one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute. According to the World Economic Forum, “This is expected to increase to two per minute by 2030 and four per minute by 2045. By 2050, this could mean that there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.” 


Here are 4 ways to reduce your daily plastic and paper consumption and help reverse the effects of the climate crisis:



1. Ditch the plastic straw 


Get in the habit of saying “no straw” when ordering drinks. If you are a habitual smoothie drinker you may also want to invest in a bamboo or metal straw. Use a reusable straw and save 540 plastic straws from entering the ocean this year! 



2. Go bill free 


Bills and receipts are small transactional pieces of paper that cannot be recycled or reused. Due to the chemical agents used to make them, they also pose a health hazard. If you don’t need the receipt, don’t get it. 



3. Invest in reusable daily utensils like water bottles and coffee/tea mugs


Paper cups are often not recyclable because they are coated with plastic to prevent the cups from leaking and one plastic bottle and lid can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Simply switching to a reusable water bottle saves on average 167 plastic bottles in one year, while bringing your own coffee mug saves 500 cups and lids from landfills every year, so think about how many we could save over our lifetime!



 4. Reuse and recycle old single-use plastic bottles and paper

to turn them into some exciting goodies! 



On the note of recycling and reusing paper, ConnectFor is proud to host Ecovation in Bangalore on the 24th of August! Here, volunteers will be recycling old plastic bottles and newspapers to turn them into planter pots and seedball pens. Give us a call and we’ll have you register on spot for the event!


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