I ConnectFor #AColorfulTomorrow

1. What was your initial motivation to volunteer?

“We all had a holiday that day and the event was close to our house so we all went for the activity. When I asked my mom about the event she said that we are going to paint a school and I got really excited about it, as I love arts and crafts very much.


2. Why did you choose this specific cause?

It was the easiest and the only thing I could do, so we all went for this event as a family. I love drawing and painting very much and my mom told me before we went that the classes that I study in and the classes these kids study in has a very big difference and that’s why to help make their classrooms colorful and less boring I went for it.


3. Please share details of the work that you did – the projects, events or the details of the experience as a whole-

I painted a classroom which had drawings like ABC and other things which I had studied earlier when I was a kid and I even colored the charts which were already sketched there.I loved this event because I went there with my family and even my little brother who is just 2 years old came for this and helped us with the painting which was really fun and we enjoyed it very much.


4. Do you feel like you were able to see an impact through your effort?

Yes, my mom had shown the pictures of the classroom before the painting was done and they looked really boring as compared to my classroom and when we finished the event, we could see the class was so colorful and more beautiful than before and I was thinking that the students will like it more now and have fun in their classroom.

5. Based on your experience, have you encouraged others to volunteer?

Yes, the next day when I went to my school, I told all my friends about this and even they were interested to join me for the coming events and I have asked my mom to inform if events like these come again so that I can tell about this to everyone in my clasroom.

6. Do you have any advice/ inspiring words for others who are keen to volunteer and be the change?

I will tell them that if they do this once they will never forget this experience and will do it over and over and even tell this to others!”

This was Sara’s story about her first volunteering experience with us. Sara was just 9 year old when she went for this event!

If her age didn’t stop her from volunteering, What’s stopping you?


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