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In our 8 part series for Women’s Day, we will be telling stories of #WomenWarriors who have come forward and tried to bring a change in various causes and social issues we all wish to see in this world.

Featured today is the story of Karishma, a practising dental surgeon, and the Founder of TUX Foundation, an NGO working primarily for preventive healthcare for underprivileged women.

Karishma has been conducting various oral health campaigns across Mumbai and Bengaluru as part of her work with TUX Foundation.

Read on to find out more about her inspiring journey:


1. What was your initial motivation to start your own NGO?
“I had seen women neglecting their health and the impact it had on the whole family.. After a close relative passed away from oral cancer, I realised I had to take initiative and do my bit towards safeguarding women’s health and empowering them by making them feel that we care for them.
2. Why did you choose this specific cause?

I am a practising dental surgeon.I know the importance of preventing a disease before it happens, so that’s what we try to do. By helping with the early detection of cancer, multiple lives can be saved.

3. Please share details of the work that you did – the projects, events or the details of the experience as a whole.
We have worked  with Tata memorial hospital, multiple NGOs in Mumbai and Bangalore, and now with the BMC in India to spread awareness and hold camps for women promoting preventive healthcare for breast and oral cancer.
4. Do you feel like you were able to see an impact through your effort?
Yes absolutely, many women were unaware that they even needed a checkup in the first place. After our lecture and camp, they were more self aware and vigilant in taking care of themselves .
5. How has your experience of running a non-profit organization impacted you? Tell us about some of your learnings and realizations, please.

Starting my own NGO has impacted me beautifully, although I barely have any time left with my dental practice and running an NGO. It’s a beautiful and fulfilling purpose for me,as it allows me to fulfill my two passions: healthcare and service. It has also been an amazing experience for me to so many beautiful souls such as our daily volunteers, who are enthusiastic, and the real change makers!

6. What keeps you motivated?
My passion to be of service and use my skills where I can for a bigger purpose, I think service is the best form of love.
7. Do you have any advice/ inspiring words for others who are keen to volunteer/ start their own NGO and be the change?
Sure, I would say think of it as a business, only then can you grow it, however always remember why you began in the first place.
It can be an extremely fulfilling experience when you adhere to your roots and your core values, those should be clearly defined right in the beginning!”

Inspired by Karishma’s story? Why not volunteer for her NGO then!

Checkout various volunteering opportunities with TUX Foundation and more at www.connectfor.org

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