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Featured today is the story of Sasha, whose love for children and her childhood dream of teaching drove her to volunteer as a teacher assistant for the specially-abled! 

Read on to discover more about her experience: 

1. What was your initial motivation to volunteer?

“Sometimes we tend to give unnecessary things in life far too much importance. Volunteering is extremely fulfilling, and apart from the positive impact it has on the lives of people we are helping, it impacts our own as well.

It makes you focus on things beyond yourself, gives you a greater sense of gratitude and compassion. It gives life more purpose knowing you’ve impacted a few lives positively.

2.Why did you choose this specific cause?

I’m very comfortable around children and absolutely love them. My aunt is specially abled. I’ve seen how difficult it can be for them and their family, which is why I volunteered at Mann where we trained specially abled children to do basic tasks and teach them life skills that would help them, and hopefully also be able to get them employment at a basic level so that they can make the most of their life in every way.

So I guess it just gives me a chance to do that sometimes and honestly I don’t think there is anything greater than learning and sharing knowledge. 

3.Please share details of the work that you did – the projects, events or the details of the experience as a whole.

Teaching them life skills, daily tasks, giving them things to do creatively, arts and crafts, basic computer skills, how to use a cell phone, how to work in groups, teamwork, patience, effort, hard work were just some of the things that I did while volunteering.

4.Do you feel like you were able to see an impact through your effort?

Since it was about training specially abled children of course every little thing would make you happy and feel like you’re having an impact. But a genuine impact can only be seen in the long run when they’ve grown as individuals in the best way hopefully living their lives making the most of it. We were hoping on training them to find basic employment as well and a few did. 

5. How has your volunteering experience impacted you? Tell us about some of your learnings and realizations, please.

Experiences like these make you realise how thankful you need to be for so much in life. It just makes you feel low sometimes seeing all this but it also makes you more positive in so many ways and gives you a greater sense of gratitude. So you know not to take life and all that you have for granted.

6.Do you have any advice/ inspiring words for others who are keen to volunteer and be the change?

Honestly it’s just a beautiful experience and  I really think if people connect with a cause and care about what they’re volunteering for it’ll really be the best time they’ve spent.


This is what Sasha had to say about her volunteering experience, feel motivated yet?

Volunteer for the specially abled over here – https://www.connectfor.org/causes/specially-abled-people/




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