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“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – James Matthew Barrie

Featured here is Kalyani Basu – whose story is one our favourite and most inspiring stories and the perfect example of how volunteering can really be win-win for a cause.


Read on to understand why her story is so touching:

1.What was your initial motivation to volunteer?

“After I lost my husband to cancer, I was looking to find some meaning in my life and wanted to devote my time for some meaningful work which would create an impact. So I decided to volunteer.

2.Why did you choose this specific cause?

In January 2017, through ConnectFor, I got connected to the NGO Shaktii which conducts an after school program for girls, and I am still volunteering for them. Mentoring and teaching is a rewarding experience as you can see the result in front of your eyes and that’s why I chose to volunteer for this cause specifically.

3.Please share details of the work that you did – the projects, events or the details of the experience as a whole.

My experience at Shaktii is of give and take. I give my time, my efforts and I get back a lot of satisfaction and happiness.  I am a permanent mentor here and help out in teaching the girls English, Biology, and History. The satisfying part of teaching here is the change in attitude we see in the girls with respect to their interest in studies. At the end of each session when a mentee has learned something new because of my efforts, it is time well spent.

In my small way, I have also tried to raise some funds for SHAKTII, however my role as a mentor is what I am more proud of and hopefully, I am able to impact some young lives!

4. Do you feel like you were able to see an impact through your effort?

Of course! This is the third batch who will be appearing for the 10th boards after I joined Shaktii and when they say that because of us mentors they are in a good place with the preparation of their boards, that is a great achievement.
5. How has your volunteering experience impacted you? Tell us about some of your learnings and realizations, please.

Volunteering has given a purpose to my life and a lot of happiness. Being amongst young minds everyday is by itself a great experience. How a little bit of affection and kindness and patience brings a lot of big changes is what I learnt. 

6.Do you have any advice/ inspiring words for others who are keen to volunteer and be the change?

Keep your expectations aside if you want to volunteer. Try to emulate the values of the organization you are joining!”
Found her story inspiring?
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