Community Development

CF1336 – Advisory Board Volunteer

Are you an experienced professional and keen on serving society?

If yes, The Healing Dove Foundation is looking for volunteers like you.

The Healing Dove Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a dedicated team of young professionals, working towards rehabilitating the most marginalized youth groups in Mumbai – currently, they are working with delinquents and the LGBTQ community.

They are looking for experienced volunteers from the social sector who would love to join their advisory board for the year 2019-2020. While they prefer professionals from the development sector who have worked with NGOs and social enterprises in the past, they invite individuals from the CSR/ Corporate sectors to serve on the board as well!

They are primarily looking at volunteers who can advise them in the areas of:

1. Financial Management/ Fundraising
2. Programme Designing
3. Monitoring and Evaluation
4. Legal
5. Human Resource Management
6. Leadership
7. Strategy

Volunteers will be expected to:
1. Advise the Managing Trustee on the above-mentioned areas as per expertise.
2. Be available for meetings (which include video calls and Skype) with the trustees on a mutually agreed date, time and schedule. Dedicate a couple of hours a week/month on advisory board.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

2 hours per week

Dadar, Mumbai

Healing Dove Foundation