Education & Literacy

CF1360 – Website Development and Strategy Volunteer

Are you looking to help an NGO with their website development?

If yes, Comet Media Foundation is looking for you!

Comet Media Foundation’s dream is a society of individuals, empowered from childhood within a culture of knowledge seeking and knowledge creation. In such a world, everyone would realize her or his potential and experience fulfillment, within an equitable and sustainable way of living.

They need a person who can guide in the design of two allied websites, one of them a sort of ‘promotional’ site for the organization, showcasing its past activities and capabilities; the second, a shopping site to promote the sale of books and toys of an educational nature. They need someone to think about the sites in conjunction with social media so that their outreach activities on the internet function as a complimentary package. Volunteer need to know WordPress and will have a meeting just to discuss the ideas with them.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

3-4 hours

Churchgate, Fort, Mumbai

Comet Media Foundation