Children & Youth

CF1388 – Government Initiatives Registration Volunteer

Are you someone who is interested in helping an NGO register for government initiatives?

If yes, then Bright Future is looking for you!

Bright Future is a non-profitable organization that empowers youth to make informed decisions about their career and thus enables them to transform their passion into gainful employment through life skills development, career development, mentoring support, internships and placement opportunities.

They need a volunteer who can help in registering their NGO with National Skill Development Corporation as a training centre. The volunteer’s responsibilities include:
1. To understand the requirements at NSDC
2. To collate the required information for the registration process
3. To complete the entire registration procedure for Bright Future centres
The volunteer does not need to visit the NGO centre and can help the NGO remotely.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

4 hours per day

Mumbai, Remote

Bright Future