Community Development

CF1414 – Content Writing Volunteer

Can you write for an NGO in your spare time?

If yes, Proud Indian is looking for you!

Proud Indian is an NGO started with an objective to eradicate poverty in India. They are a small group of friends started the NGO on 26th January 2019 with a quality plan to improve the lives of the low-income community. They all worked together in various projects for the past six years, like the project for Orphanage kids, Flood Relief, Save Bengaluru Lakes, Urban/Rural Development and the list goes on. They strongly believe that real development is how much the poor get richer. They have decided to set up a sustainable income module for the low-income people in slum areas.

They are looking for volunteers who know Telugu to help them in writing creative content for their website, blogs, and social media handles.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of Project

4 hours on weekend


Proud Indian