Education & Literacy

CF1814 – Content Writing and Documentation Volunteer

Would you like to help an NGO with you content writing skills?

If yes, Vidhya Bharti Foundation is looking for you!

Vidhya Bharti Foundation envisions a society that imbibes and ensures the values of gender justice, equality, peace, and happiness, in practice.They bring together a group of professional development workers, committed to working with communities towards an India free of inequalities and discrimination with equal opportunities, security, and freedom for all. Utthan’s effort to translate this vision into reality is focused on its mission to serve those most vulnerable such as Women, Adivasi communities, Dalits, Minorities and the Poor. Utthan envisages influencing the larger socio-political environment that should enable the desired change.

They need a volunteer to help them with content writing for their newsletter and annual report as well as with documentation of their activities. The volunteer will have to visit the NGO centre in Satellite, Ahmedabad, for 3 hours per week.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

3 hours per week

Ahmedabad, Satellite

Vidhya Bharti Foundation