Specially Abled People

CF2133- Social Media Campaigns Volunteer

All you Marketing Mavericks, Trinayani needs you urgently to create a social media campaign for the month of April!


About the Opportunity:

Trinayani needs a volunteer who can help design and prepare a social media campaign around disability awareness with a specific concentration on Autism, as April is celebrated as World Autism month, 2nd April being World Autism Day.


About the NGO:

Trinayani is a Registered Indian Non-Profit Organisation headquartered in India that works incessantly for creating awareness about disability. They have a purpose of combating discrimination against people with disabilities. Our main focus has been to assist and encourage individuals with disabilities in making their mark and functioning as a part of mainstream society & work towards Including, Honoring & Empowering persons with disabilities (PWDs)


Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - 30 October 2020

Weekly, one hour


Trinayani - Creating Awareness about Disability