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CF2166- Operations Volunteer

Calling all the Excel wizards!

Hamara Footpath is looking for an excel-pro to work on its in-house daily dashboard system to give them snapshots of certain data points related to the impact they are making. This opportunity is remote and requires the incumbent to be familiar with the concept of dashboards and come up with templates of the same. These dashboards shall be used by the operations team at Hamara Footpath for effective monitoring of internal efficiency. The incumbent is required to dedicate 30 hours towards this opportunity spread over 3 weeks.

About the organization:
Hamara Footpath’s activities are directed at helping our street children, deprived of their childhood, to find love, caring, encouragement, and support in reclaiming their childhood.

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Immediate - Until completion of project

1.5 hours daily

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Hamara Footpath