Community Development

CF2169- Report Writing Volunteer

Are you good at creating infographics and understand the importance of creating reports?

If yes, NEEDs is looking for you!

About the role:
NEEDs is looking for the incumbent to work on the existing annual report and reworking it by tying it with SMART goals. Reworking on this report should not take more than 10 days of your time.

About the organization:
NEEDS [Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support] intervene in selected poverty-stricken pockets of Bihar and Jharkhand. They work to bring significant change in the lives of women and children in terms of food security, livelihood, Reproductive health and hygiene and child development and protection outcome besides the constitution and strengthening various institutional arrangements for sustainability. One of their important focuses is institutional arrangements in self-help collectives and their skill-building while creating a shared vision for change.

Immediate - Until completion of project

1 hour daily

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Network for Enterprise Enhancement & Development Support