Specially Abled People

CF2279-Virtual Educator for Specially Abled

Are you skilled in working with children who have special needs?

If yes, Self Esteem Foundation for Disabled is looking for you.

They need someone who can conduct virtual sessions with their children. The sessions can be modelled around easy DIY techiques or ehancing verbal communications etc.

About the organisation:
Self Esteem Foundation For Disabled is a Company registered under section 25 of companies Act 1956, working for Life With Self Esteem for Person With Disabilities. They aim to empower persons with different abilities by instilling a positive attitude towards them in the society through awareness campaigns Facilitating professional Training for open employment & gainful occupation through the sheltered workshops in NGOs.

Immediate - Until Completion of Project

12 hours weekly

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Self Esteem Foundation For Disabled