Education & Literacy

CF2281 – Blogging Volunteer

Did you miss your calling as the next Shakespeare or JK Rowling?

Never fear, here’s another chance to find it!

About the role:
The Gyanada Foundation is looking for volunteers with good writing skills and an interest in socially relevant topics to write blogs for their organization. The topics of these blogs can be proposed by the volunteer, or suggested by the NGO. These blogs will go up on their website and social media handles, and due credit will be given to the authors. The volunteer is expected to write 3-4 blogs each, and a minimum of one blog per week – remember, there is no maximum in this, so write away!

About the organization:
The Gyanada Foundation is an educational non-profit that works to create better opportunities for Indian girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

4 hours per week

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

The Gyanada Foundation