CF2350-Outreach Volunteer

Are you someone who enjoys outreach, ideating and implementing strategies that help in branding?

If yes, Waste Warriors are looking for you.

About the role:
The volunteer would need to conduct outreach to community members for specific program components under the Model Ward Program. Further, the volunteer would need to organize and coordinate remote/virtual learning workshops for community members and Students. They would also need to organize and coordinate remote student groups and conduct activities and workshops as designed and planned by the Waste Warriors team.

About the NGO:
The NGO is a catalyst for practical and community led Solid Waste Management (SWM) initiatives in rural, urban, and protected areas and to pioneer replicable models of resource management, innovative practices, research and education in the field of solid waste management.

Waste Warriors is a heavily volunteer driven organization with easy to work with, experienced, and amicable staff. We have been working strenuously during these times of COVID crisis to provide ration to the disadvantaged waste worker families across locations in partnership with the local administrations. Our operational and on-field work has reduced following the state and central guidelines however, we are in constant conversation to improve and expand waste management services with respective municipalities.

Join us to make a difference.


Immediate - Until Completion

5 hours weekly

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Waste Warriors