Community Development

CF2356-Graphic Design Volunteer

Can you corel draw in your sleep?

If yes, Etasha is looking for you.

About the role:
The volunteer would need to design digital brochures and other collateral for a project and annual report. The skills required would be corel designing and data analysis will be an asset.
Part of the role requires understanding the requirement and conceptualizing the design; designing the collateral as per print requirements. The deliverables required would be collaterals fit to go up online or at offline events.

About the NGO:
Etasha Society is based in Delhi, and its programmes are focused on different segments of the community including adolescents, teachers, women, families, school systems, other Vocational Training Providers and the community at large. They not only work on skill-development, but also on bringing about a positive mindset change in the individual and in the community for sustained employment and income generation.

Immediate - Until completion of project

5 hours per week

Remote, Remote

Etasha Society