Advocacy & HR

CI2494-Social Media Intern

Are you looking to drive an NGOs social media page? Read on to find out more.

About the role:
Babul NGO has created 15 social media pages dedicated to spreading awareness about Biodiversity.
This is important as India is lagging behind its fulfilment of Aichi Biodiversity Target no.1 These pages relate the well well known daily aspects of life with biodiversity and motivate people to make posts and engage with the posts.
More the knowledge about FB features, much the better.
Choose a FB page as per your interest and promote the page by all possible ways organically. The target is to get quality FOLLOWERS involve with the page. Babul NGO will extend orientation and support in this but what is expected is commitment for the cause and seriousness.

About the NGO:
Babul Films Society is a registered non-profit NGO based out of Hyderabad. In a democratic set up, awareness is the key to live and progress sustainably; Babul Films works to spread knowledge among ignorant and push the aware towards action.

Immediate - Until completion of project

4 hours daily

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Babul Films Society