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CF2500-Support an education focused campaign

Would people pay to watch you do stand-up? Do you have an artistic flair and ability that people wish they could learn from and replicate? Are you a tarot card reader with great psychic abilities? Do you want to create a sporting sunday around games like Call of Duty with an entry fee?Are you an influencer who can create giveaways in support of a fundraising campaign?

Here’s your chance to monetize any skill that you might have to create lasting impact.

Use your skills/ social media presence to raise funds for ConnectFor’s Phone Schooling Campaign. Support our campaign through the proceeds you receive for any skill that you offer or even by simply supporting and spreading the word about our Phone Schooling Campaign.

About the campaign:
The COVID19 crisis has affected 32 crore children from having access to education (According to UNESCO Report, March 2020). While private schooling is on the move to virtual classrooms, children on the margin will definitely be left behind without an intervention.

ConnectFor (a non-profit organization) strongly believes that this digital gap needs to be bridged & has identified a way to mobilize this movement to achieve scale. After meticulous evaluation, ConnectFor has partnered with the Udaan India Foundation (a non-profit organization working with children and youth in the field of education) with the aim to initially equip 1000 children with phones and internet connectivity specifically for virtual education.

To read more about the campaign and to support it, click here-

21 July 2020 - 4 August 2020

1 hour

Virtual Volunteering

Rosy Blue Foundation