Community Development

CF2581-Life Skills Speaker Volunteer

Do you have great oratory skills and a knack for imparting life skills?

If yes, Access Life needs you.

About the role-
They need volunteers who can create workshops on the following topics for our Centre Coordinators – Communication skills/ Self Awareness/ Anger- Stress Mgmt/ Conflict Mgmt/ Building confidence/ Building Confidence/ Team Work/ Positive thinking/ Ethical Values/ Emotional Well Being/ Emotional Intelligence/ Empathy in Communication.

About the NGO:
Life Skill Foundation is a Not-For-Profit organisation based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since its inception in 2011, the core objective of the trust is to provide education in key life skills. This is delivered through vocational-job specific skill training, workshops, seminars, courses and so on. Their Vocational training and skill development programmes are aimed at preparing young Indians for a successful career, better decision making and being a more socially aware citizen as a whole. They have strategic partnerships catering to schools, colleges, corporates and individuals interested on a personal level.

Immediate - Until Completion of Project

3 hours weekly

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Access Life Foundation