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CF2674-Community Engagement Volunteer

Do you deeply care for people living with cancer?

If yes, Love Heals Cancer is looking for you

About the role:
The volunteer would be looking into community engagement through the various ways-
a)The volunteer has to invite patients to join their community to share their cancer stories and post relevant content on the website.
b)The volunteer has to invite patients to join weekly meetings of various other survivors sharing their journey.
c)The volunteer has to invite others to the healing circle and promote it
d) The volunteer has to promote the Ziopar free tool: This is a free tool that can help you in your cancer related concerns.
e) The NGO provides free counselling to cancer patients and connect with psychologists for their emotional wellness, the volunteer needs to promote this.

About the NGO:
Love Heals Cancer (Nityanootan Foundation) was founded with a clear objective of increasing awareness about Cancer and its prevention along with helping patients get through the journey with someone always by their side. LHC also understands the pain and suffering that the family members and caregivers go through and extends support to them as well. Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until Completion of Project

8 hours weekly

Remote, Remote

Nityanootan Foundation (Love Heals Cancer)