Community Development

CF2678-Women Wellness Volunteer

Are you passionate about women’s affair and their well-being?

If yes, Barefoot College is looking for you.

They are looking for a passionate, proactive person who can help them in developing an interactive digital health curriculum for rural women. This is a 1-3 months volunteer position. This is a remote working opportunity and can be done part time. Active mentoring will be provided.

• Researching on the available curriculum on women’s health
• Providing inputs for creative ideas for the digital health curriculum
• Adapting the existing curriculums to make it more culturally relevant
• Work on implementation strategy
• Developing an M&E module

About the NGO:
The Barefoot College has designed new ways to nurture and support a journey to empowerment, one village at a time, one woman at a time. We demystify and decentralise technology and put new tools in the hands of the rural poor with a singular objective of spreading self-sufficiency and sustainability. With a geographic focus on the Least Developed Countries, we train women worldwide as solar engineers, innovators and educators, who then return to their villages to bring light and learning to their community.

Immediate - Until Completion of Project

5 hours daily

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Barefoot International College