Education & Literacy

CF2754-Fundraising Volunteer

Are you the MVP of your group aka the most valuable person? Can you use your position to influence your friends/ family to donate?

If yes, Apni Shala is looking for you.

About the role:
Give India is hosting a campaign to support non-profits who raise funds. And Apni Shala will be participating in this campaign. They would like a team of dedicated volunteers to raise funds for the cause of Mental health and Wellbeing for Apni Shala.
The volunteer should have a social media presence or strong network of potential donors or ambassadors and would need to consistently communicate with the Apni Shala team.
Apni Shala is a non profit and raises 70 % of its funds through donations and grants. Volunteers who are passionate about mental health and wellbeing , who are keen on creating just systems for the disadvantaged and who are connected with a netowrk of friends and family can join them to help with their fundraising efforts.

About the NGO:
Apni Shala engages children from low-income families in life skills programmes to help them become confident, build healthy relationships and solve problems.

Immediate - Until completion of project

6 hours per week

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Apni Shala