Specially Abled People

CF2765-Website Updation Volunteer

Do you know how backend works?

If yes, Anandi Special School is looking for you.

About the role:
They a need volunteer to update Anandi’s website.

About the NGO:
Anandi, a non-profit school that aims to provide inclusive learning environment to children with developmental, learning and multiple disabilities. It is dedicated to provide a holistic environment for children with Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Mental Retardation (MR), and other such multiple exceptionalities, by giving them educational, vocational and therapeutic services. It follows a differentiated approach focusing on personal attention, equal and not special treatment, to bridge gaps and act as a force multiplier towards inclusive and equitable existence for every child with developmental disabilities.

immediate - until completion of project

20 hours weekly

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Anandi Special School