CI1721 – Web Development Intern

Are you looking to intern with an NGO?

If yes, Gharonda is looking for you!

Gharonda is a registered Public Charitable Trust in Pune. Its main objective is to work for ‘Active Aging & Independent Living’ and excellence in age care through innovative, community-based support systems, ensuring that elders are healthy, happy, empowered and living with dignity without hassles and worries of housekeeping. They provide a platform to connect with peer group to mitigate loneliness, social isolation, depression, and dependence and share common concerns.

They need an intern for website designing and development. The intern will be responsible for the backend programming and uploading content on their website frontend and will have to visit the NGO centre at Pratishirdi near Pune at least once a week.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

10 hours per week

Pratishirdi, Pune

Gharonda Public Charitable Trust