Children & Youth

CI2007 – Creative Support Intern

Would like to intern with an NGO?

If Yes, Rubaroo is looking for you!

About the Opportunity:
They are looking for an intern to help with designing collaterals like a brochure, annual report theme layout, flyers, web design etc., ideate on brand communication design concepts for their young and growing not-for-profit organization. The intern would need to mostly work from home and occasionally visit the NGO centre in Matunga.

About the NGO:
Rubaroo works towards raising awareness about child sexual abuse in India working for prevention and healing for CSA. They believe that children should be taught how they can keep themselves safe at a young age and there should always be an open channel of communication between a child and a parent, where the child feels comfortable and safe that his/her parents are there for him/her no matter what.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

15 hours per week

Matunga, Mumbai