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CI2098 – Website and Graphic Designing Intern

Are you looking to intern with an NGO?

If yes, Community Eye Care Foundation is looking for you!

About the Opportunity:
The NGO is looking for an intern to improve the designing and layout of their website and create brochures for their donors and members. The intern would need to work from home for 15 hours per week.

About the NGO:
Community Eye Care Foundation runs three fixed vision centres and one mobile eye clinic in and around Pune. They provide free eye checking, spectacles and surgery. The focus is on providing comprehensive quality eye care to all irrespective of their ability to pay. They also focus on school children, especially disabled children like the deaf, mute, partly blind and physically and mentally challenged and try to ameliorate their ocular problems.

Join us to make a difference!

Immediate - Until completion of project

15 hours per week

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Community Eye Care Foundation