Health & Medicine

CI2549-Business Development Intern

Does expanding a business excite you and do you have the knack for the same?

If yes, Swasti needs you.

About the Role:
a) SUPPLY CHAIN SIDE: Data trawling on the net to create a broad level supply chain view of specific crops OR picking out existing reports that exist in the public domain (research institutions, education institutions etc).

b) DEMAND SIDE : Data trawling to deep dive to benchmark retail level prices in the e-tail and retail organized and unorganized between seller with a view to understand price differences due to value addition of various agri products.

About the NGO:
Swasti is the Health Catalyst that Strives for 100 million ‘well’thy days for Vulnerable Communities.
Health inequity affects vulnerable communities disparately across the World.
Its persistent nature makes it the World’s most challenging development problem
Swasti believes people must be at the center of health systems for it to effectively work for the poor.

Immediate - Until completion of project

20 hours weekly

Remote, Virtual Volunteering