Education & Literacy

CI2749-Curriculum Development Intern

Can you create an inspiring curriculum tied to great learning outcomes?

If yes, Tomorrowsmith Foundation is looking for you.

About the role:
They are seeking a dedicated Curriculum Design Intern to create an engaging teacher development curriculum. You will work closely with the founders to develop learning strategies tailored to help improve specific teaching skills. We’re looking for people with hustle, empathy, and a desire to do something meaningful. This is a part-time internship lasting for a duration of 8 weeks (25 hours/week).
As a Curriculum Design Intern, you will be responsible for managing, curating, and writing educational content that aligns with the strategic direction of the company.
• Develop, create, review, and optimize engaging and high-quality training curriculum for given topics in a timely manner.
• Write training sessions that are interactive, inclusive, and engaging.
• Create and curate training tools to support the sessions.
• Collaborate with the founders to define and execute the project.
• Align the training to the company’s strategic goals and core values.
• Attend online meetings for ideation and revisions.

About the NGO:
Tomorrowsmith Foundation is a Chennai-based non-profit. They are a mission-driven, innovative, learning-focused organization created to improve the quality of learning experiences for all children in India. They focus on creating high-quality, cost-effective, demand-driven, and scalable solutions to address the challenges in the education ecosystem.

Immediate - Until completion of project

25 hours weekly

Remote, Virtual Volunteering

Tomorrowsmith Foundation