Community Development

CM2724-Share fundraiser links to relevant groups

Are you good at networking? If yes, ANNADA needs you.

About the role: Do you believe that charity and philanthropy are drivers of change? Would you like to contribute without donating monetarily?Read on to find out more..

WHAT? Share ANNADA fundraiser links, etc on whatsapp groups, facebook pages, instagram handles etc.

HOW? Share screenshots of shared messages.

IMPACT x no. of groups reached

OTHER DETAILS Ease of execution: Easy Time taken: 5 mins Deliverable format: Screenshots

About the NGO: ANNADA is a social enterprise formed with the vision to realize the ‘Hunger Free’ India and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal of ZERO Hunger. They are committed to the cause of eradicating Hunger and Malnutrition across tribal, rural and urban communities.

23-Oct-2020 - 31-Dec-2020

5 minutes

Virtual Volunteering

Association for Nutrition And Development Action