Resolution 2020!

The New Year is here and no new year celebration is complete without resolutions! We know what you’re getting to that New Year resolutions are broken within a week! But, we have here a list of achievable, realistic resolutions for the New Year that we promise you won’t be tempted to break.


  • Say No to Plastic


Reduce reuse and recycle icon

We all are guilty of this, those hurried trips to the grocery store and asking for a plastic bag. Let us try to reuse that old cloth bag the next time we make that quick run to the grocery store. After all, it’s a smart reason to flaunt those trendy totes and instantly up a boring outfit. Did you know that you could make a cloth bag out of an old t-shirt? Go on try it out now!


  • Phone Detox



We know the caption sounds scary, but hear us out. Instead of making an unrealistic promise of staying off our phones for days, because let’s face it, our lives revolve around our phones; and sometimes rightly so. We can resolve this 2020 to stay away from our phones at night. Essentially taking a break from screen time as the day draws to an end. Research has revealed that the blue light emitted from the phone can hamper with the Hormone Melatonin responsible for the sleep-wake cycle and depletion in this hormone can cause insomnia, and make you tired and irritable during the day.


  • Give back to society


This year let’s take up a goal of giving back more to the society, and this does not have to involve donating money, but you can instead use your time, skills and knowledge to make a difference. And, what’s better you can do this from the comfort of your home. There are a plethora of remote volunteering opportunities to choose from at ConnectFor. Here’s how you can find interesting volunteering opportunities:


  • Read more


Saying this is perhaps archaic in the Netflix era when the relevance of reading is losing relevance. But, it is essential for maximum growth and for the sheer pleasure of being lost in the fictional world- that we don’t lose touch with one of man’s most trusted friends- Books. You can even spice things up by going and reading books to children in an NGO or help another one in sorting their library.


  • Take some time out for your furry friends   


This is for all the dog lovers out there! Sometimes, adopting a pet could be difficult for someone out there who is perhaps short on resources, or always on the go with a demanding job/lifestyle, but we have you sorted, just volunteer for a Pause for Paws activity with us and we promise you are going to be left asking for more.


  • Go Clean, Go Green

This is for one the beach lovers, don’t we all just love going and chilling on the beach on a Sunday evening. But, is it not important that this beach should be clean enough to sustain the constant incoming crowds. This new year, let’s step out of our comfort zones and instead of just complaining about the dumping of waste on beaches, let’s join the movement to clean these beaches, find out here how you can do your bit. Find beach cleanup activities here.


So, there you have it. A list of realistic goals not just limited to your being but also driven towards making a change in the lives of others. And yes, Happy New Year!

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