CF2624-Administrative Volunteer

Are you good at research and admin?

If yes, Makkala Jagriti needs you.

About the role:
They need volunteers to download worksheets from the internet and curate them to create a pool of assessment sheets for the students.

About the NGO:
Makkala Jagriti (Awakening of Children) is an NGO that seeks to create holistic learning platforms and empower socio-economically deprived children, youth and their community as a whole. Makkala Jagriti has become a movement by impacting thousands of children, youth, parents and teachers over the years by institutionalizing its work model inside urban poor settlements, government schools and shelter homes.

CF2519-Video Editing Volunteer

Can you create a compelling video story?

If yes, Our Hand for Help Charitable Foundation Society needs you.

About the role:
Use pre-existing clips to help them with better branding through videos.

About the NGO:
Our Hand For Help foundation is working for the poor, orphanage, old age, blind, dumb, deaf, physically challenged, mentally Children and Awareness. They started this foundation on 26 June 2016 and they registered this foundation under Rajasthan Societies Registration act,1958 (Rajasthan act no.28) on 29 November 2018. Our Hand For Help foundation is secular, non-political, non-government, non-profitable registered charitable Society. They are working towards providing free education, hospitality, food, clothing to the children below the poverty line and for Orphans Old age home, and they support child labour elimination

CI2520-Motions Graphics/ Animations Volunteer

Can you create learning aids/ promotional material in video formats using animations?

If yes, Umoya Foundation needs you.

About the role:
Create animations/video aids centered around explaining different topics chosen by the NGO and under their guidance.

About the NGO:
Umoya Sports Foundation aims to provide holistic development and breaking the barriers by bringing ‘Joy of Sports’ in the lives of people with disabilities.They envisions to enrich the lives of people with disabilities by providing equal sports opportunities and empowering them to lead a fulfilling life.

CF2500-Support an education focused campaign

Would people pay to watch you do stand-up? Do you have an artistic flair and ability that people wish they could learn from and replicate? Are you a tarot card reader with great psychic abilities? Do you want to create a sporting sunday around games like Call of Duty with an entry fee?Are you an influencer who can create giveaways in support of a fundraising campaign?

Here’s your chance to monetize any skill that you might have to create lasting impact.

Use your skills/ social media presence to raise funds for ConnectFor’s Phone Schooling Campaign. Support our campaign through the proceeds you receive for any skill that you offer or even by simply supporting and spreading the word about our Phone Schooling Campaign.

About the campaign:
The COVID19 crisis has affected 32 crore children from having access to education (According to UNESCO Report, March 2020). While private schooling is on the move to virtual classrooms, children on the margin will definitely be left behind without an intervention.

ConnectFor (a non-profit organization) strongly believes that this digital gap needs to be bridged & has identified a way to mobilize this movement to achieve scale. After meticulous evaluation, ConnectFor has partnered with the Udaan India Foundation (a non-profit organization working with children and youth in the field of education) with the aim to initially equip 1000 children with phones and internet connectivity specifically for virtual education.

To read more about the campaign and to support it, click here-

CF2407-Animation/ Game Development Volunteer

Are you hungry enough to create a game based on eradication of hunger?

If yes, Rise against hunger is looking for you!

About the role:
Create a game on our hunger education modules so that we can involve student to understand the concept online and one online teacher ensure that student is going in the right direction where we want them to lead through Hunger education Modules. and lead the vision of the module to eradicate hunger in all forms.

About the NGO:
Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030.

CF2398-Story Animator Volunteer

Do you have storytelling skills which can be communicated through pictorial and visual references?

If yes, ConnectFor is looking for you! Come and help us create a beautiful video montage to accompany an already existing audio story!

Join us to make a difference

CF2399-Audio Visual Story Narrator

Do you have a deep baritone? A funny growly animal voice? Are you looking for an activity you and your family can do together?

If yes, ConnectFor is looking for you! We are looking for the complete package of an audio-visual story creator!
Come together and record stories for us! Choose popular children’s stories in a number of different languages, and read them out in a way to make them engaging and uplifting for children. Do all the characters yourself or take turns with your family members as you narrate stories which our NGOs will share with their beneficiaries. Volunteers must submit a minimum of 1 story narration for project completion.

CF2397-Vocational/Curriculum Development Volunteer

Are you a gyaan master and terribly bored now that there’s no one around to appreciate it?

Jan Vikas is looking for people like you!

About the role:
You can pick any topic of your choice relating to – professional activity, skill development, career guidance, soft skill training – and create audio/video or series of videos of at least 30 minutes covering the elected topic and sharing your tips on the same. You must create at least one audio lesson/video to complete this opportunity, but the more you create the better it will be for us and our partners!

Join us to make a difference!

CF2395-Learning Aids Volunteer

Do you have experience in teaching? Are you good at quick ways for kids to learn?

If yes, Jan Vikas is looking for you!

About the role:
Help Jan Vikas by developing teaching aids for their beneficiaries in the forms of worksheets, quick quizzes, interesting videos or anything else that can cover a range of topics on personal hygiene – everything from washing hands, brushing teeth, social distancing, how to even sneeze and cough – anything that they will be able to practically apply in their day to day lives! These aids can be created in English, Hindi or any regional language.

About the ngo:
Janvikas strives to attain its goal and mission through support to leadership of CSOs, community based/people’s organizations at the grass root level. Setup and spin off issue-based institutions. Enhance capacities of different levels of personnel in social development organizations and strengthen the social development organizations.

CF2346-Animations Artist for Animated Videos

Looking for Animators!

Weave a beautiful tale based on a social cause through your ability to animate!

About the role:
Rubaroo has content and a story they want to tell through animated videos and are looking for volunteers who can create animations to convey a very important message! Use your skills and add to your repertoire of work by helping Rubaroo!

About the NGO:
Rubaroo works towards raising awareness about child sexual abuse in India working for prevention and healing for CSA.They believe that children should be taught how they can keep themselves safe at a young age and there should always be an open channel of communication between a child and a parent, where the child feels comfortable and safe that his/her parents are there for him/her no matter what.