CF2805 – Fundraising Strategy Volunteer

Are you looking to help an NGO with your fundraising skills?

If yes, Umed Parivar is looking for you!

Umed Parivar’s vision is of providing world class infrastructure facilities for total rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged and Cerebral Palsy persons and to give them right status in the society and improve their quality of life continuously by on-going research, training & retraining. This enables the handicapped persons to be a contributory, functional and accepted fellow human being within society.

They need a volunteer to create a fundraising strategy for their NGO, and search for sponsorship leads online. Volunteer can choose to work from any location as this is a remote opportunity.

Join us to make a difference!

CF2794-Strategy Volunteer

Do you have out of the box ideas and strategies?

If yes, Artsparks Foundation is looking for you

About the role:
They need a volunteer to give them Ideas on Fundraising and write marketing strategies for ArtSparks

About the NGO:
ArtSparks Foundation is an educational nonprofit that works to support the development of 21st century learning and life skills in children through the medium of visual art & design. ArtSparks also supports the professional development of teachers and educators, encouraging them to reflect on their teaching practice, and explore new ways to enrich their students learning.

CF2775-Fundraising Volunteer

Rangeen Khidki is looking for experienced individuals in fundraising.

About the role:
Help them create a fundraising budget and proposal

About the NGO:
Rangeen Khidki is an intersectional feminist organization working in the space of gender, sexual, and reproductive health rights for adolescents and young people

CF2754-Fundraising Volunteer

Are you the MVP of your group aka the most valuable person? Can you use your position to influence your friends/ family to donate?

If yes, Apni Shala is looking for you.

About the role:
Give India is hosting a campaign to support non-profits who raise funds. And Apni Shala will be participating in this campaign. They would like a team of dedicated volunteers to raise funds for the cause of Mental health and Wellbeing for Apni Shala.
The volunteer should have a social media presence or strong network of potential donors or ambassadors and would need to consistently communicate with the Apni Shala team.
Apni Shala is a non profit and raises 70 % of its funds through donations and grants. Volunteers who are passionate about mental health and wellbeing , who are keen on creating just systems for the disadvantaged and who are connected with a netowrk of friends and family can join them to help with their fundraising efforts.

About the NGO:
Apni Shala engages children from low-income families in life skills programmes to help them become confident, build healthy relationships and solve problems.

CM2724-Share fundraiser links to relevant groups

Are you good at networking? If yes, ANNADA needs you.

About the role: Do you believe that charity and philanthropy are drivers of change? Would you like to contribute without donating monetarily?Read on to find out more..

WHAT? Share ANNADA fundraiser links, etc on whatsapp groups, facebook pages, instagram handles etc.

HOW? Share screenshots of shared messages.

IMPACT x no. of groups reached

OTHER DETAILS Ease of execution: Easy Time taken: 5 mins Deliverable format: Screenshots

About the NGO: ANNADA is a social enterprise formed with the vision to realize the ‘Hunger Free’ India and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal of ZERO Hunger. They are committed to the cause of eradicating Hunger and Malnutrition across tribal, rural and urban communities.

CF2716 – Fundraising Strategy Volunteer

Are you looking to help an NGO with your fundraising skills?

If yes, Prerana Foundation Yedenipani is looking for you!

Prerana foundation yedenipani started in 2013 with a vision for change in society, especially health, education, livelihood, skill development, environment, awareness campaign, women economic empowerment through self-help groups, farmer empowerment, youth empowerment.

They need a volunteer to create a fundraising strategy for their NGO, and search for sponsorship leads online. Volunteer can choose to work from any location as this is a remote opportunity.

Join us to make a difference!

CF2706 – Digital Fundraising Campaign Volunteer

The Umoya Foundation (Umoya Sports) with their fundraising efforts!

About the role:
They need volunteers to build and promote their digital fundraising campaign on sports for the specially-abled.

About the NGO:
UMOYA Sports Foundation aims to provide holistic development and breaking the barriers by bringing ‘Joy of Sports’ in the lives of people with disabilities. They envision to enrich the lives of people with disabilities by providing equal sports opportunities and empowering them to lead a fulfilling life.

Join us to make a difference!

CF2642-Fundraising Volunteer

Do you have what it takes to draw in a crowd with your written communication skills ?

If yes, Jan Vikas is looking for you.

About the role:
They need volunteers to write content for their fund raising campaigns ass well as manage these fund raising campaigns on social media.

About the NGO:
Janvikas strives to attain its goal and mission through support to leadership of CSOs, community based/people’s organizations at the grass root level. Setup and spin off issue-based institutions. Enhance capacities of different levels of personnel in social development organizations and strengthen the social development organizations.

CF2636-Proposal Writing Volunteer

Are you well versed in renewable energy and have great writing skills?

If yes, ODAM needs you!

About the role:
The NGO is struggling to find long term donor support for their sustainable technology projects and they need a volunteer for proposal writing to develop their data base of donors and CSR opportunities. The volunteer should have knowledge in renewable energy sources and great writing skills.

About the NGO:
The NGO works to address rural poverty, women’s empowerment, child welfare, climate change, human rights to education, health, and safety. Since 1996, ODAM’s female empowerment and rural development programs have improved the quality of life for thousands of women and their families in Tamil Nadu, India.

CF2531-Research and Database Creation Volunteer

Are you interested in Fundraising?

If yes, Prafull Oorja is looking for you.

About the role:
They need a volunteer to help them with their fundraising research. They would like to have a database of agencies to approach, including foundations and corporate groups, or others whom would support their vision and mission.

About the NGO:
Prafull Oorja is Sanskrit for “Radiant, Blooming Energy. They are a Bengaluru-based organization that works to bring yoga as a form of therapy to under-resourced populations.