CF2772-Website development volunteer

Are you great at backend website work?

If yes, Rangeen Khidki Foundation is looking for you.

About the role:
They need a volunteer to develop their website.

About the NGO:
Rangeen Khidki is an intersectional feminist organization working in the space of gender, sexual, and reproductive health rights for adolescents and young people

CF2588-Website Design Volunteer

Calling all the techies! Are you skilled in wbsite design?

If yes, Mighty Grace Foundation is looking for you!

About the Opportunity:
The NGO is looking for volunteers who can redesign their website

About the NGO:
Mighty Grace Foundation helps disadvantaged sections of society to access resources that are not would not be available to them. They work in all areas of health care support, education and other facilities

Join us to make a difference!

CF2750-Website Designing and Updation Volunteer

Are you adept at website design and updation of backend?

If yes, Serendipity Arts Foundation is looking for you.

About the role:
The volunteer would need to:
1. Coordinate between the curator and the artists for the material
2.Upload the same onto the SAF website.
3. Check for any errors

About the NGO:
Serendipity Arts Trust is an arts and cultural development trust which aims to promote new creative strategies, artistic interventions, and cultural partnerships which are responsive and seek to address the social, cultural and environmental milieu.

CF2709 – Website development volunteer

Are you great at backend work required on websites?

If yes, Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society is looking for you.

About the role:
They need a volunteer to make revamp their existing website.

About the NGO:
KMSWS was established in 1999. It is working to improve the poor conditions of education, environment, and health in the Masat region located in South 24 Parganas district. Since 2001, we are engaged in running pre-primary and primary schools for local children. At KMSWS, they regularly organize health check up clinics for mothers and their children. As part of their livelihood improvement program, they have taken initiatives to organize vocational training for local unemployed youth. In the environment and sustainable agricultural front, their activities include raising awareness about the usefulness of organic farming among local farmers. As far as the senior citizens are concerned, they regularly arrange medical camps, cultural programs to take care of their needs.

Join us to make difference!

CF2707 – Website Designing and Development Volunteer

If you are someone looking to contribute your time and skill by designing and developing a website for an NGO, you are at the right place!

About the role:
The Shree Arbuda Residential Welfare Association (SARWA) is looking for a volunteer to put together an informative website with details about their organization and programs. They will be happy to provide all the necessary content to the volunteer. This opportunity would require both design and development skills, and be completed upon the completion of the whole website.

About the organization:
Sarwa established in 2006, aims to work on improving the economic, social, and physical well-being of society, education, and child psychological development. They conduct various drives on awareness in schools and colleges and also conduct sessions to educate and sensitize people who don’t have access to basic amenities.

Join us to make a difference!

CF2684-Web Development Volunteer

Are you a talented web developer?

If yes, Medscape is looking for you.

About the role:
They are looking for a volunteer who can revamp their website and resume its working and keep its consistency. This role is virtual and onsite in parts.

About the NGO:
Aryan Medical & Educational Trust (Medscape India)’s objective is to provide the best quality medical facilities to the needy and upliftment of the society. Aryan Medical and Educational Trust works to bring development in health, sports, education, medicine, culture and other social welfare areas. Its initiatives are concentrated on spreading awareness about social, health and medical developments. Join us to make a difference!
The role requires remote+ onsite volunteering in parts

CF2662-Website Development Volunteer

Use  your website development skills this DAAN UTSAV!

About the role:
Create an end-to-end website for the NGO using WordPress.
Communicate with Team lead, Creative and Content volunteers in ensuring the website is meeting expectations in terms of outcomes.

About the NGO:
Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent and youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Bhumi was founded on August 15, 2006 by a small group of friends with a strong passion to change society today and build a better India for tomorrow. The organisation provides youngsters a platform to serve the society and bridges the gap between the educated and the uneducated.

CF2643-Website Development Volunteer

If you are someone looking to contribute your time and skill by designing and developing a website for an NGO, you are at the right place!

About the role:
They need a volunteer to manage their existing website and change design as per our requirement

About the NGO:
Janvikas strives to attain its goal and mission through support to leadership of CSOs, community based/people’s organizations at the grass root level. Setup and spin off issue-based institutions. Enhance capacities of different levels of personnel in social development organizations and strengthen the social development organizations.

CF2638-Website Development Volunteer

Can you create an engaging, interactive and well designed website?

If yes, Janseva Vikas Mandal is looking for you.

About the role:
They need a volunteer with a strong understanding of all SEO best practices such as SEO friendly site architecture, tags, coding, site speed optimization, link building, and more.
Basic knowledge of web copy-writing and graphic design and how they relate to SEO functionality- wordpress will be a requisite.

About the NGO:
Janseva Vikas Mandal makes valid and persistent endeavours in providing a Sustainable Life, Clean Water, Sanitation, and educate the poor children in every school, promote education, and develop confident citizens for the nation.

CF2637-Website Development Volunteer

Do you have great teaching skills and website development skills?

If yes, ODAM needs you!

About the role:
They need a volunteer to develop guidelines on how to improve their capacity to update their website by teaching them and creating SOPs for the same.

About the NGO:
The NGO works to address rural poverty, women’s empowerment, child welfare, climate change, human rights to education, health, and safety. Since 1996, ODAM’s female empowerment and rural development programs have improved the quality of life for thousands of women and their families in Tamil Nadu, India.