CF2654-Photography Volunteer

Do you have a discerning eye for aesthetics and great photo editing skills?

If yes, Kadam is looking for you.

About the role:
They need photography volunteers to do photoshoots of their products to match the content written for marketing campaigns.

About the organization:
Kadam India tries to create viable employment opportunities at the village level for the youth and women and for children, good education conditions. To create employment opportunities, their volunteers and professionals work towards creating small/medium enterprises leading to greater utilization of local resources and to teach skilled artisan’s basic professionalism – concept of quality and commitment. Join us to make a difference!

CF2650-Photography/ Video Volunteer

Can you capture a moment and make it last forever?

If yes, PIFA is looking for you.

About the role:
PIFA Foundation has a new initiative.Indian women’s Football Alliance,which is a platform for all stakeholders involved with development of women’s football and empowerment of the girl child
They need an intern who can click photos and shoot videos of their activities that can be put up on brochures and on social media.

About the NGO:
Premier India Football Academy (PIFA) was set up primarily to improve the standard of football in India through grass root development. They support underprivileged communities living in South Mumbai and over the years have nurtured some amazing talent in the children, who have gone on to become either professional players or coaches.

CF2648-Learning Aids- Science / Math Volunteers

Can you explain why m=mc2 or what the big bang really is?

If yes, eVidyaloka is looking for you.

About the role:
On March 15, 2020, all schools across India were closed due to the COVID19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown. Students from urban schools were able to shift to online classes, but rural children were unable to do so. Keeping this in mind, eVidyaloka is trying to bring a solution by enabling Teaching through Television, so that students can continue to Learn From Home during this time. Volunteers are expected to record 25 – 30 minutes video capsules using laptop/computer for Mathematics/Science in Regional Language. Languages include Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu

About the NGO:
eVidyaloka is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming the educational landscape of rural India. They create digital classrooms for children in remote villages, with the support of local communities and Volunteer Teachers from across the globe. With standardized lesson plans and teaching aids for a consistent learning experience, the children from government schools receive e-quality education for a promising & rewarding future.

CF2587-Digital Awareness Volunteer

Calling all you Content Crusaders!

If yes, ANNADA is looking for you.

About the role:
They need a volunteer who can help spread the word – Get people to engage and connect with content etc. Share the cause across platforms. Find new and engaging ways of connecting and sharing information online. Make videos. create posts, write content. If you have any of these skills or even ideas, ANNADA wants to hear from you!

About the NGO:
ANNADA is a social enterprise formed with the vision to realize the ‘Hunger Free’ India and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal of ZERO Hunger. They are committed to the cause of eradicating Hunger and Malnutrition across tribal, rural and urban communities.”

CF1349 – Volunteer’s Choice (Mumbai)

Are you looking to contribute your skills for an NGO?

If yes, Atma is looking for you!

Atma is an Accelerator for Education NGOs and Social Enterprises in Mumbai and Pune. They empower grassroots educational initiatives to grow, amplify and multiply their impact by adopting a systematic management approach which leads NGOs to scale-up, expand their reach and dramatically increase student learning outcomes.

Atma provides volunteering opportunities that help talented candidates across the world apply their skills in a challenging work environment. Their Volunteer Program enables new experiences and interactions across cultures while making an impact in the education sector. In this opportunity, the volunteer and the NGO can together decide what the volunteer is best suited to serve. The project, timeline and deliverables will be decided depending on the volunteer’s availability and interest. The volunteer will need to visit the NGO office in Dadar, Mumbai, for 8 hours a day on weekdays (Mon-Fri). If you have any of the skills the NGO requires, they are open to get on a call and speak more about the role.

Join us to make a difference!

CF2500-Support an education focused campaign

Would people pay to watch you do stand-up? Do you have an artistic flair and ability that people wish they could learn from and replicate? Are you a tarot card reader with great psychic abilities? Do you want to create a sporting sunday around games like Call of Duty with an entry fee?Are you an influencer who can create giveaways in support of a fundraising campaign?

Here’s your chance to monetize any skill that you might have to create lasting impact.

Use your skills/ social media presence to raise funds for ConnectFor’s Phone Schooling Campaign. Support our campaign through the proceeds you receive for any skill that you offer or even by simply supporting and spreading the word about our Phone Schooling Campaign.

About the campaign:
The COVID19 crisis has affected 32 crore children from having access to education (According to UNESCO Report, March 2020). While private schooling is on the move to virtual classrooms, children on the margin will definitely be left behind without an intervention.

ConnectFor (a non-profit organization) strongly believes that this digital gap needs to be bridged & has identified a way to mobilize this movement to achieve scale. After meticulous evaluation, ConnectFor has partnered with the Udaan India Foundation (a non-profit organization working with children and youth in the field of education) with the aim to initially equip 1000 children with phones and internet connectivity specifically for virtual education.

To read more about the campaign and to support it, click here-

CF2418-Video Editor

Are you looking to use your video editing skills to create a documentary

About the role:
They need a volunteer to edit existing videos that will be used to create documentaries

About the ngo:
Way For Life is a registered Non-Government Organisation started and maintained by youths of various colleges for development of the society and operates in multiple cities across India. It has launched initiatives like cleanathon, awareness drive, government school upliftment, plantation drive, women’s education and empowerment.


Join us to make a difference

CF2156-Video Editing Volunteer

Are you good at video editing and content creation?

If yes, Green Yatra is looking for you.

About the role:
They need someone who is proficient in editing videos and creating clips.

About the organisation:
Green Yatra is a Mumbai based and leading environment NGO of India. Green Yatra was founded in 2009 and is run by a group of young and passionate nature lovers. They believe in ACTION by doing as much as they can to preserve our environment. Their primary objectives has always been to leave the world better than we found it.

CF2117 – Photographer/ Videographer Volunteer

Do you wish to narrate stories of impact with your camera?

If yes, New Mighty Grace Foundation is looking for you!

About the opportunity:
They are looking for a volunteer who can shoot and edit stories which can be put up on website and social media of the NGO.

About the NGO:
New Mighty Grace Foundation helps disadvantaged sections of society to access resources that are not would not be available to them. They work in all areas of health care support, education and other facilities

Join us to make a difference!”

CF2093 – Photography and Videography Volunteer

Are you looking to help a NGO with your photography and videography skills?

If yes, The Hands of Hope Foundation is looking for you!

About the Opportunity:
They are looking for a volunteer who can create content for a 4 minute video that will be a part of a bigger projects on child sexual abuse. The volunteer should have some experience of shooting outdoors, and testimonial videos. He/ She should be dedicated, creative, and have conscientious of timelines. Knowledge of latest edit software like premier pro or others, is also required.

About the NGO:
The Hands of Hope Foundation provides outreach programs to create awareness about child sexual abuse in schools, communities and neighbourhoods.

Join us to make a difference!