The Changing Trends in Volunteering

Our generation seems to be always engrossed in their career and goals, however, this seems to be getting us more and more conscious of the realities of the world. The urge to make a difference is something that we want to join forces with, and to be honest, we are unstoppable. 



Over the past decade, philanthropy has evolved from mere charity and donations to being present on-ground with the affected communities. The concept of volunteering has been through myriads of changes and here’s a list of some recent trends-



  • Skilled Volunteering


Many NGOs are stagnated in terms of their access to skills & they can benefit heavily by somebody to help them collate financial reports, offer legal advice or somebody to engage with their beneficiaries.

Volunteers have identified the problem and have offered their skills by the hour to NGOs.

Whether it is creating a framework for having proper organizational policies, helping with accounts or social media expertise. This not only helps them build on their own skills but derive purpose and meaning for the work that they do.


Are you someone who is skilled in website designing and CMS Operations, you can sign up for this opportunity. All you need to give is 5 hours on a weekly basis.




  • Virtual Volunteering


We all know how busy we are at all times in this fast-paced society. Shortage of time has always been a problem for us to commit to volunteering. Over the past couple of years, virtual volunteering has seen a major upswing because that cuts down the time for any commute and makes it easier with smartphones and PCs handy. Volunteering virtually reduces the barriers of creating an impact that often is an obstacle otherwise. 

With the ongoing crisis, volunteering virtually seems to be much more viable. With options like adding animations to videos, writing blogs for NGOs, or offering legal advice, all of these can be done from the comforts of your home keeping you productive.


Bored at the house and looking for something to do? Help an NGO with research and put it together on a database by being a virtual volunteer with them for 5 hours on a weekly basis.



  • Micro-volunteering


With our commitment issues, it’s almost impossible for anything to be long term. But if it’s short-term and convenient? Sign us up! Micro-volunteering is one trend that is a go-to for this generation of volunteers. We can do it at a time convenient for us, do things we love (use social media to make a point) and very easy-to-do tasks that enable us to make a difference.

What is micro-volunteering you ask?

It is bite-sized volunteering, is infrequent, and can be completed in a short time span ( from 2 minutes- 2 hours) It mostly is done virtually however there are certain on-ground aspects to it as well. It involves activities like spreading awareness through social media, translating a document, filling a survey, and many more.


Miss your calling as the next Shakespeare or JK Rowling? Do not worry. Volunteer for this micro-volunteering blogging opportunity which barely needs 2 hours of your time.


So now that we know we can volunteer at our own pace and time, what is it that we’re actually waiting for?

ConnectFor has a range of volunteering opportunities for you to choose from, no matter what your schedule may look like.

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