Volunteer for a Cause this #DaanUtsav

Volunteer for a Cause this #DaanUtsav


It’s that time of the year again! And no, we are not talking about Diwali, or New Year’s Eve, but Daan Utsav – the Joy of Giving week. 

Every year around Gandhi Jayanti, this festival of giving is celebrated across India so as to inculcate a culture of people donating time, material, etc., and to encourage people to indulge in acts of kindness. This year Daan Utsav is being celebrated from October 2nd to October 8th, you too can contribute to this festival of giving in interesting way! Read on to know more how to celebrate Daan Utsav in seven cool ways.



  • Unleash that Picasso in You and Get Painting. 


Participate in the Diya painting activity organized by Raay Foundation on 12 October. Here you will be painting Diyas with the children and also digging your hands in some serious Diwali decoration. 


  • Aavi Navratri


Keeping in with the Navratri fervor, join in the Dandiya decoration activity of Robin Hood Army on October 5th. And, the fun does not stop here, after decorating dandiyas, we will be grooving to some kickass Dandiya songs followed by a food distribution drive.

  • Shop for a Cause

Light up not only Homes but Hopes this Daan Utsav! Shop for handmade products such as Diyas, Lanterns, Trays, and much more made by NGO beneficiaries like Widows, Cancer Patients, Underprivilged Kids,etc

All the proceeds from the sales will go directly to the NGO.

Be a light in someone’s life this Daan Utsav. Shop for a Cause on our Social Shop.

Shop Now — https://www.connectfor.org/social-shop-collections-all-products/



  • Time to gift your time!


As we surge into the festive season in India, which means lots of gifts, here is a perfect activity for you- the gift bag making workshop by Robin Hood Army on October 19th. And, this is not just a regular bag making activity; we will be making bags with children, and decorating them, sounds fun, right! Also, if we are talking Robin Hood Army, there has to be a food distribution drive, duh!


  • Fold your way to a Fun Weekend! 


Here is an activity that is sure to leave you reminiscing about your childhood memories. We are talking about the Origami workshop on October 26th by Bigger than life. Here, we will be interacting with the children, and teaching them fun origami stuff, are you taking notes.


  • Help out the Beach Please!


Become an Environment warrior and join us during this Daan Utsav in the Dadar Beach clean-up on 5th October. Since, we believe that small acts bring out big changes, participate in this clean up drive, do your bit for Mother Earth!

  • Paint A School

Join us for one of the favorite initiatives that we have — Paint A School, where we will be painting a school in Kurla and help create a positive, vibrant and colorful space for the kids to study in, eventually helping in the teaching process as well!

Join us on 12th October for the Paint A School Event!

Phew, now that’s a lot of activities to keep you busy and jazz up those boring weekends! To know more click here.


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