Volunteering in your Teens!

  Volunteering in your Teens!


Volunteering has always been known as a selfless act. Even though this may be true, what people sometimes don’t realize is that there are more benefits than expected. For teenagers, volunteer work can help them expand their horizons, meet new friends, experience different cultures, learn a new language- all while contributing to society’s needs’. Here are a few ways how and why volunteering can help young adults develop into confident, proactive citizens.


  • Builds Self-Esteem



We all know how our teenage years can be, since we have lived through them: full of insecurities and a lack of self-confidence. Volunteering can help lower the rates of this! Surprised? Just think about it. Teenagers ultimately find volunteer work empowering. While working on solutions to these problems, they have the chance to see how their efforts can help improve the lives of others. Teenagers who volunteer often experience fewer mental health problems than those who don’t. When they see their actions affect a community for the better, their self-confidence spikes and they feel happier!


  • Expands their Social Circle:



A teenager’s social circle typically consists of their friends and family. Volunteering gives youth the opportunity to meet people outside their usual circle, some of whom may have a positive impact on their future. Volunteering provides a chance to meet like-minded people and form relationships that tend to last a lifetime. Young adults will also learn to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and generations. These connections may even help them find a mentor who can teach them what they may not even learn in a classroom or school setting.


  • Helps discover many new Interests:



When selecting a volunteering opportunity, teenagers can look in areas where they are interested in. For example, if you are interested in animals you might consider helping out at their local animal shelter. Volunteering can expose you to many new experiences that you may not have known otherwise. Having new experiences or interests can help you discover a new passion, and gives you the contacts to pursue that passion.


  • Helps Gain Work Experience:



Volunteering also give teenagers an opportunity to experience situations that occur in the workplace, such as having to work as part of a team. They are exposed to what people have to do in certain jobs and the conditions in which they have to work. Volunteers will gain real-life experience outside of school and is prepared to step outside of their comfort zones to achieve goals. Having new experiences can help you discover a new passion. They will also learn new skills while volunteering that look good on a resume.


  • Your Resume Will Shine:



Volunteering experiences can set you apart from the other applicants. Having many volunteering experiences show that you are ambitious, you care about your community, and that you are willing to work to create change. These are some of the best qualities that recruiters and admissions look for in potential students or employees!

So how can you get started? Reach out to someone at ConnectFor, and we will help you connect with an organization that matches your interests, curiosity, and expectations! Volunteer work is certainly a testament to a teenager’s character that he or she is willing to work to bring out change. Volunteering is where young adults can learn what they are passionate about. It is where they find confidence and develop skills that will serve them for many years ahead. Volunteering taps into a teen’s desire to be independent in a productive way. Teenagers are extremely busy with academics, extracurricular activities, sports, and social events! But carving a few hours out of their busy schedules regularly for community service can be calming for them.

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