Ways to Volunteer During Monsoon

                       Ways to Volunteer during Monsoon!

The monsoon is finally upon us, and in the bustling cities that ConnectFor operates in it has brought with it some great opportunities to volunteer with organizations near you! Volunteering during this season is especially crucial, as it helps ease the hardships for those who cannot afford to simply sit back and enjoy a hot cup of tea while watching it pour.

Read on to discover five ways you can volunteer this monsoon:

  1. The sea brings back all the garbage that we dump into it mindlessly and deposits it back to our shores. Be part of a local clean-up drive to help and bring your friends along for some fun!

2. Monsoons are believed to be the best time for planting trees as, during this time, the earth, which is dry and parched due to the scorching summers is able to absorb moisture and becomes more conducive for planting. Join our tree plantation drive in Bengaluru!

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3. Due to increasing pollutants and contaminants in the atmosphere, as rain falls, it collects these toxins and pours in the form of acid rain. The acid rain etches its way into painted walls and other building exteriors, but for some, this damage cannot be repaired. ConnectFor is organizing the Paint-A-School activity in Pune and in Mumbai, so if you are someone who wants to have fun while adding color to the lives of the students at the school, join us to make a difference!

4. The rain often prohibits children in NGOs from engaging with activities outside, so volunteer for an NGO near you with seniors or children for 2–3 hours a week and see the smiles when you engage these children for however long you can. You can find lots of opportunities to do this as per your convenience here.

5. Commitments during the week can often be overwhelming, especially with all the rain, so devote some time to volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays with ConnectFor’s Weekend Volunteering opportunities to unwind, while also giving back to the community.

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