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Let me start by saying Welcome! We are ConnectFor – your friendliest, kindest and most-trusted online volunteering platform.

Since our inception in 2015, we have matched numerous volunteers to NGOs, and saved lakhs of rupees in impact numbers. We truly believe in the potential that human capital has to offer in the social sector, and therefore, we are excited about maximizing this potential.

Our Mission

ConnectFor exists to demonstrate the value of human resource for non-profit organizations, by creating high value matches based on an organization’s needs, and an individual’s time and skills.

Our Vision

ConnectFor aims to be an all encompassing resource solution for non profits; it seeks to help develop the culture of volunteering across India, encouraging both individuals and organizations to realize how to best use volunteering opportunities to add the most value.

Service Offerings

Apart from our platform services, we also offer the following to groups and corporate organisations :

CF Corporate Volunteering Events ConnectFor collaborates with socially responsible companies and groups to organize a range of events to develop CSR activities and team building activities for employees. These one-day engagements consist of employee-friendly volunteer activities and are conducted in association with different NGOs and/or cause areas. ConnectFor is happy to assist in the ideation, planning and execution of a CSR project on a need basis, based on the brief provided by the company.

CF Premium (Employee Engagement)

ConnectFor works with individual employees to create customised projects that cater to their interests. ConnectFor matches the skill-sets, cause area preference and relevant work experience of each employee to specific volunteering opportunities. The employee engagement program works with corporate employees to have these projects completed within a fixed time frame.

We would love to provide corporates with these services to enrich your organization’s CSR activities.

Our Team

Of course, you are now curious about the team behind this brainwave. So here’s a little something about the minds and hearts behind the platform.

That concludes the “All You Need To Know About ConnectFor” page - we hope you’ll stay to volunteer!


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